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  1. Good trip dave krav and rev ..krav you need to work on your driving skills lol

  2. Happy birthday brother have a fantastic day sorry am late my friend hope your having fun !!!

  3. If they hate, let 'em hate, I drop ya whole clan,Lay your ass down for the 3 second tap

  4. aww got all excited and though custom trailers were in mp lol :(

  5. gotta love hangovers cherry sambukas ftw lol

  6. Just watched straight outta compton @ flicks what a film!!

  7. Love watching kats cctv always raises a smile lol

  8. lil xmas dayz blast

  9. Waiting at strasbourg waiting for convoy listening to dres new album ;)

  10. I swear kravs got the same computer as skynet hes already dled and in lol :)

  11. 180 trucks at the convoy the lag is real lol :D

  12. Thats was a interesting 900mile job got hit, then hit someone else( eurorail need to remember RIGHT SIDE :( and my scania gps seems to think cutting thro a service station is the quickest route on a straight motorway lol

  13. Didn't take me long to get lost lol :lol:

  14. what happened to my post?

  15. Love you ETR radio :)

  16. Happy Birthday buddy enjoy!!! B)

  17. loving his new album B)


  18. time to get back on the mighty convoy 10-4 good buddy

  19. Happy Birthday brother have a great day!!


  20. @DJ Dynamic thanks for the shoutout for my nephew brother made his day !!!

  21. lmao @ that mp video

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