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  1. HAHA love dan bull :)
  2. Damn you controller dieing on me :( lots of right turns tho lol

  3. damn nubfest @ EP 2nite lol

  4. Bring on the walking dead!!

    1. Scar


      I am still watching season 4 xD

  5. truck driving music baby
  6. haha poor luke lol
  7. New one for kravys driving soundtrack

  8. thankgod its friday
  9. Am now a volvo man lol

    1. stilldre1976


      Dont like the shape much krav think the scannys had more knocks than a front door so shes getting retired lol and i cant copy you buddy everyone knows krav pimps a merc ;)

    2. Tandre


      Welcome to the club! :D

  10. Such a beautiful song !! 5 pionts for anyone who says what tv show its from? hehe
    1. McFreshi


      I hope it won't be 5 warning points :o

      Top Gear maybe? :D

    2. stilldre1976


      Top man McFreshi didnt expect anyone to get it lol great ear for sound my man :)

  11. If krav had a bike lmao (contains swearing heads up)
  12. lol worlds quickest ban on forum ROFL

  13. Just had one fo the calls u got a virus on ur computer let when chat about windows for 10mins NO mate i got a mac lmao

    1. S2020


      That's more dangerous than having a virus

    2. stilldre1976


      they getting a whistle down the line flatout bext time lmao

  14. Why u no workie FRAPS :(

    1. Takumi Fujiwara 86

      Takumi Fujiwara 86

      the real question is why do you use fraps

  15. Anyone else watched that vaction film? funny as got daryl from WD as a trucker lmao :)

  16. lmao @ that mp video

  17. Oh another thread locked as usual on here whats up admins no balls? lmao

  18. Happy Birthday Kravaty hope you have a great day matey !!!

  19. mgsv what a game !!!

    1. Splixz


      Yea :D Got it for free cuz i got my gtx 970 :D pretty cool game

  20. Just watched straight outta compton @ flicks what a film!!

  21. the divs are out and about lol

  22. TAKER or BROCK?

    1. Mordekai2009
    2. Creatured


      hmmm Brock Lesnar to change it up

    3. stilldre1976


      taker took the win even though brock had him tapping out lol

  23. gotta love hangovers cherry sambukas ftw lol

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