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Status Updates posted by Kap.

  1. VTtDNxn.png

    We should be careful :kappa:

  2. Happy Birthday! ;)

    1. Devon03


      Thanks lol :P

  3. Gratulacje :kappa:

  4. Congrats!! <3 Good luck

    1. bobi124


      Тhank you <3

    2. Cowie


      I will reply here as well, congrats!

    3. Devon03


      Gl bobiiiiii :love:

  5. Happy Birthday!!  :wub::D :kappa:

  6. Well that is just... :huh:

    1. Smalley


      I mean you did see it coming 

    2. heyhococo
  7. Im shocked. Good luck in future..:mellow:

  8. Długo nie byliśmy razem w zespole, lecz wystarczająco żebym wiedział że jesteś spoko gościem. Napisz od czasu do czasu ^_^



      nice google translate


      "We have not been together in a band for a long time"

  9. Gratki! Zasłużone <3



    1. Coppekss


      Czy zasluzone to nie wiem ale dziekuje ;)

  10. Defo a good Contributor here ;) 

    Congrats Man! You deserve it

    1. Krewlex


      Much love! KappaPride

  11. Congrats man! Hope to see you out there in your new car! :D 

    1. Caricature


      Thanks, but car maybe not (not a big fan of it :P)

      Spying above definitely :ph34r:

  12. Happy Birthday! ^_^

  13. Imagine if Scout for public was Replaced with good old Tico ;) That would save admins some job as there wouldn't be as many trolls, i mean common, the fastest you probably can go in this is 100km/h ;) It would be hilarious to watch somone overtaking a truck in this :P daewoo.jpg

    (Taken From http://ets2.lt/en/daewoo-tico-v1-0/ ) 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Oh No Way :P Scout is much nicer ;)

  14. KOO8efX.jpg GFqL1Wd.jpg

    Uncle Vinces Halloween Convoy :D 

  15. Looks like car isn't here yet, oh well, they need to take their time, hopefully its out tomorrow -_-

    1. TrademarkGamer


      It will be out tomorrow prob in the later hours of the day but stuff can happen to delay stuff

  16. Created my own Signature.. Well kinda :P. I'm such a noob B)

  17. http://prntscr.com/adn77l Really looking good, cant wait :D.. shame tho not everyone would be able to use it... :(

    1. McFreshi


      Looks like I have to try to get in the team again xDD jks

    2. jacoblovekw


      If they let anyone drive it the game would turn into Car MP xD

  18. Ahhh This is so True... 5qo3Trq.png

    LKW isnt just a VTC, its more than that <3

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