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  3. Happy birthday Ariel! 🎉 🎂

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      Thank You!

  4. Thank you for following! :D

  5. SCS released an Update today. This may delay the progress, since the update is about adjusting and improvements on the sounds.
  6. Obrigado por me seguir! ;)

  7. *Warning Poor English* For a long time i had an annoying problem in MP like this: And looking for articles in the forum i realized that other people had the same problem. |=> Attention <=| This maybe not work for you. In my case the problem was with my DNS and bandwidth. Steps: 1º I switched from my bugged DNS server to Google DNS. ( and (well seems it working) 2° In the bandwidth i changed from 20/40 to only 20 MHz Hope this can be useful for any with the same problem. I know that some information about network config is missing so hopefully someone with more knowledge in this area can add something more that can benefit everyone.
  8. Maybe SCS add some parts of southern europe that already exists in Euro Truck Simulator 1. See
  9. Brazilian-Spec Trucks. This article is a joke has no intention of offending anyone. And also sorry for my bad english. You need old trucks (because old always gold). Always be overweight (Much more than allowed by law). Put the front of your truck in hell and rear in heaven (be careful with police). You need sounds like this: (Sorry for bad quality of the video.)
  10. Thanks all for the help.
  11. What's the maximum number of characters i can put in "player tag"?
  12. I'm tryed this, for a while the problems didn't come back. Thanks. It's not a good internet for play but is the best in region where i live. I tryed config my router for a while the problems didn't come back since yesterday. Thanks for the reply to the topic.
  13. Recently I'm having this problem, this happens frequently, some friends reported this problem too. I'm afraid of being banned, can anyone help me? Video on Youtube.
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