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  1. "Using any kind of tool to change gameplay, including but not limited to using the in-game console, trainers or cheat engine in order to bypass the speed limiter, to jump hack, no collision hack or anything similar. Bypassing the server-sided auto kick system via save editing. Misusing features such as ghost mode to cause damage to others while connecting to the servers." Rule 2.1. I've used it for a week, not a single time has it done any kind of damaged, and no, I dont use it to pass trafic for ques, more for situatione there is no other way, except F7. Or someone is screwing around, blocking purposly or wreck the traficflow. It takes seconds, pass and life goes on. No ques building up, no honking, no damage, no problems. Life goes on. I dont have any client, mods or anything. It says: "Misusing features such as ghost mode to cause damage to others while connecting to the servers." Ghost mode doesn't disable itself til my vehicle, including trailer(s) are in a place it doesn't collide with anything, thus does no damage nor affect anyone, not even me.
  2. Just the other week I learned that by saving, and reloading I start in ghost mode. Which basically means I can drive through people's truck, with no consequences to me nor them, i dont even affect them, since ghost mode automatically disables as soon as I'm free of any obstacles. Now so many point out I'm cheating in-game. Asking, or blatantly says I do, they say they're gonna report me and similar things. I've been playing this MP since Dec -14. I've never had a ban, nor even a discussion with an admin, hell I dont even know their names tbh. Now I've seen people use the kind of cheat were they drive straight through people, but in all cases trailers, trucks and cars starts to fly. Like not even move an inch, but closer to a mile. When I quicksave, in tunnels ( Kirkenes Quarry as example ) when the situation must result in F7 or enourmous amount of struggle, ques and hussle, I just press my shortbutton for save, reload and drive through til I'm at a save-area where the ghost-mode disable itself. Now on, I wont be creating any ques atleast since I also save at many critical strategically points where I can easily "restart" from. It's even quicker than F7 and saves me all the struggle to get to the save-place. Am I cheating? Is this an offense? SInce I haven't seen anything about it in rules and so many tries to smear me for "using hacks", attacking me both voicechat and textchat. Regards.
  3. Could you say that one more time? Activated in Noel? Winter period? I don't understand what you mean.
  4. Why? Would be fun to play with it, even tho it is in the middle of the summer in Europe.
  5. Hello, Just wanna say I love this mod and that it is a huge reason why I love this game. But I'm wondering why I can't enable winter mod. I know where it is, but when I try to mark it I'm not allowed to. It keep being grey. Anyone knows why?
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