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  1. After the last update I can no longer access ETS2MP. Keeps saying invalid version etc etc and keeps redirecting me to the website to download the file.. I have downloaded the file and installed it 5 times.. to no avail. ATSMP works fine however just not the ETS side
  2. keeps trying to have me download the latest version.... downloaded it 5 times.. installed 5 times... wont open ETS2 MP just keeps sayin to install latest version
  3. As I am sure you are aware.. for those that followed ATS on steam prior release received steampunk skins for Kenworth and Peters. I see they are ingame on MP.. but when trying to put on the truck get kicked from the game saying unauthorised accessory etc etc....How long until they become authorised?
  4. game is sooo dead damn u ATS

    1. [ITS] Sima

      [ITS] Sima

      users will come back, the community is big enough for a split

  5. least you get that far wont even show servers for me
  6. only issue with companies not being NCZ were the mess up of trailers being tossed about
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