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  1. [VIVA] Savage Frog's post in Nie dostałem UnBana was marked as the answer   
    15:37 Tuesday, in Greenwich Mean Time is
    17:37 Tuesday, Poland (CEST)   czyli zostaniesz odbanowany o 17:37 czasu Polskiego.
  2. [VIVA] Savage Frog's post in Game freezing when changing steering settings was marked as the answer   
    Issue has been fixed. Topic can be closed.
  3. [VIVA] Savage Frog's post in dlc schwarzmuller was marked as the answer   
    The Schawarzmuller Trailer Pack is not supported in MP. This is not a bug.
  4. [VIVA] Savage Frog's post in Multiplayer guides was marked as the answer   
    This guide has all the info you need to get started in MP:
    Savage Frog
  5. [VIVA] Savage Frog's post in [Pytanie] Ets 2 mp was marked as the answer   
    Tu masz listę modow na ETS2MP:
  6. [VIVA] Savage Frog's post in Country flag was marked as the answer   
    Well you can change the profile picture on Steam
  7. [VIVA] Savage Frog's post in Is it the same time for everyone? was marked as the answer   
    Yep in MP the time is server generated meaning that everyone in that server has the same time mate.
  8. [VIVA] Savage Frog's post in Increase in lagging after server move. was marked as the answer   
    Ethernet cable ordered, should arrive this week. Lag spikes have been fixed with the new update. Topic can be now closed. Thanks to everyone who answered.
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