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  1. Morning all. After taking over a years break it's great to be back here :) 

  2. Polish truckers stopped at 12:00 to honk their horns for a fellow trucker that was murdered in the tragic Berlin attack and will not come home for Christmas to his family.


    Rest In Peace.



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    2. FirestarteR93


      @novice sorry, but I don't think that making jokes about it is appropriate

    3. Mirko9


      Omg,i didnt know for that attack so sad :(  Rip for that trucker :(

    4. SgtBreadStick


      These things are sad and if only it never happened :( Rest In Peace Those Killed In Berlin... Goodbye Fellow Trucker And All Died In The Attacks This Year.


  3. Cheers for the follow :) 

  4. Thanks for the follow. Appreciate it :) 

    1. Mirko9


      No problem :) 

  5. This looks dope O.O



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    2. Mirko9


      yea,but paul walker.... 

    3. [VIVA] Savage Frog

      [VIVA] Savage Frog

      What happened to Paul Walker was a real tragedy. However he was a mediocre actor at best.

    4. Mirko9
  6. [VIVA] Savage Frog


    Nie, nie bedzie nowych aut. Prawdopodobnie bedzie snieg. Nikt nie wie na 100%.
  7. Nie ma znaczenia ze Polskie forum. Wrzuć to ma angielski off topic i takie same reakcje dostaniesz. Nie ma co tu za duzo dyskutować... po prostu dno.
  8. These are the allowed mods in MP:
  9. Have you tried re-installing the MP mod?
  10. Have you tried running as administrator? Did you try re-installing the MP mod? Is this problem occurring only on one profile or is it happening on other profiles as well?
  11. Haven't done any trucking in almost 2 weeks so time to catch up!

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    2. Mirko9
    3. [VIVA] Savage Frog

      [VIVA] Savage Frog

      @Mirko9 Been busy with work, car repairs, house renovation, moving house soon etc xD

    4. Mirko9


      Oh okay then :D

  12. They do earn money. However it's a bit different to SP because of the MP server time. So every once in a while you will get a huge sum of money (after you teleport to garage etc).
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