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  1. So did SCS remove the ability to teleport your truck while using free cam? When i needed a trailer for a convoy i would search the whole market place to find one going to the destination, i would then use the button in the corner next to 1 and above TAB and type goto (enter destination) free cam to the ground then i think it was 9 would TP my truck to that location. I'd then TP back to where the convoy was taking place and join in. It was super handy. All Teleportation was done in SP, i would then join MP when i was ready.
  2. Seems to be all fixed in the latest update, thank's for the help dude.
  3. This solved the problem, thanks. And to the rest of you that replied
  4. When i load up ETS2 MP there is freight in the market but as soon as i take then complete a job it's gone the next time. Is this a MP bug or just the game itself?
  5. I've noticed recently that m truck is breaking dowm more often when i'm on the road, my truck and trailer has 0% damage yet this still happens. Any idea why? Thank's Kieran
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