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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday ?

  3. I am using PC. The game is installed on SSD since i don't have HDD. The problem is happening both in SP and MP. Temps are ~60 degrees at GPU and ~40 degrees at CPU.
  4. Hello. I was inactive few weeks and today decided to play ETS2. However I remained with the desire only The problem is while driving/staying in 1 place with the FPS. It stays stable for ~5 seconds then drops to 15-20 and returns to 60. I tried changing settings like resolution, V-Sync(on-off), graphics settings and everything i could think about. CPU/GPU doesnt show any performance drops in Task Manager/GPU-Z.
  5. Just tried to play ATS... Complete disaster :D 

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    2. Axemption


      Exactly this. Making turns, maneuvers and etc are much slower on the american trucks. I think its the dynamics in them that is missing from EU trucks.

    3. -Gonzalez-


      well tbh @Axemption American trucks are bigger trucks in size and trailer size is longer eg: "53" foot than the EU trucks and trailer so if your definitely used to driving EU truck  the American truck will take a little time to get used to m8:mlg_doge:

  6. After waiting for a month, i finally got my new Audi A4. Im so happy right now ^^

  7. @scarface0359 Hey. Can you give any statement for this? Is it gonna happen or what?
  8. ^ Yeah, finally some1 who saw it from my viewpoint. The multiplayer need to be developed with features who are not "troll stopping" in every update that gets released. Each suggestion is "stop cars", "suggestion to stop trolls" and in every thread you can see moderator/support telling you that its already being suggested and thats all. I'd like to see some of the project managers(i know you are busy guys, i respect you and your time) opinion about this idea.
  9. Random crashes still appear. Is any1 from the team doing something about this?!

    1. Rev.


      Perhaps you should create a help thread or go into more detail about your issue. 


      Either that or submit a bug report. I'm sure they'll see it.

    2. Axemption


      @revoluti0n Oh thanks for the great idea, i didnt think about creating thread and already posting 2 or 3 bug reports. :D 

    3. Rev.


      Patience :)

  10. I think dogs are true aliens. They are the only thing that loves you more than it loves himself.

  11. ^ We already commented that this is not trolls stopping system. It is little educating system which can be helpful actually for people who want to follow the rules. For example - i am driving like i am racing too but when i am around other players im slowing down so accident wont happen. Also during the night traffic lights are not working which can cause big crashes in high population areas simply because people didnt know what the sign above the traffic lights means. Clicking 1 "accept" button means nothing because some of this things need to be shown, not read. Also i dont think it will take much time for web devs to make this system but it will take longer for video editting.
  12. ^ Pointless to add tutorial for how to use chat, voice chat and information about cars. Players already played other multiplayer games and know how chat is used. Information about cars and how to chat(pressing 1 button) can be read in the forums. Now about my suggestion - yes, you can read it too but if people see it they will understand it much better. Do you think that players will start searching in google for traffic rules? No. No one will even think about that. The test will include questions from rules and the video tutorial(which actually covers rules in 70% of it). This will mean that players actually took some of the information into their brain.
  13. ^ To be honest, no matter what we do, what the team do trolls will keep driving around the servers, like hackers keep playing FPS games no matter that they get banned for it. I've been in many situations where people didnt follow basic driving rules because they didnt know and apologized for it. The player i gave for example PMed me saying he didnt know that he have to wait. Watching the video can be done while the game is downloading(which is taking ~5 minutes with fast internet). Also if you are going to spend 2 hours playing the game what will cost you watching a short 5 minute video? Also not to mention that reading rules is really important if you dont want to make your money thrown to the wind.
  14. ^ No. The idea is that if you fail the test you wont be able to login in the game. The test can also include some things from the rules so not reading will lead to failing the test and being unable to play. P.s: I will edit my first post in a second.
  15. ^ Who said it will stop trolls? This is not "trolls stopping" suggestion. Some people are here to drive for fun and while they are doing that, they can get some road education. It's not system that will make you real-world ready driver but it might help in some situations.
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