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  1. Another Slow Motion Crashes has arrived! :D


    1. OBrasileiro


      Good Video :)

  2. The no damage mod

    Trolls are everywere guys. You can easly be rammed if you are alone (2/2500 players) too! As I said many times: 70% of players are trolls with cars 15% of players are trolls with trucks&trailer (so they can use /fix) 15% of players are normal players.
  3. A sad story of a trucker:


  4. Seriusly.. peoples with 5 and more bans.. isn't enought to say that a player is brain less? I mean, why don't you put the following rules:

    1st ban: 1 week

    2nd ban: 1 month

    3th ban: permanent
    I only want to know why!

    There are players with NO bans that still plays from 2014!

    And peoples with a 05.02.2018 account activation with bans. I no understand why do you have to let trolls 7 times.


    I've got trolls on ATS! ATS!!! 200 players on the server and you still find trolls.. wtf.



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    2. NoTime4name


      Sticking to rules isn't rocket science, in fact they should be common sense. That's the key word that those people should look up in a dictionary.

    3. [ICG] [23]ThunderSky

      [ICG] [23]ThunderSky

      Wow, another 2014 without bans, i'm proud of you man ^_^


    4. LordBenji


      It isn't rocket science indeed, but there is still people which are either impatient, doesn't care, or find enjoyment by seeing others reaction. Trolls will be everywhere, even if the server only has 200 players on. I've found some on some roads that were not the infamous Calais-Duisburg road, but generally barely anything happens on some of the quietest roads I drove on.

  5. ETS2Map Megathread

    Hi, thanks for the new Search Bar!
  6. Up-Side-Down Driving: ahah


  7. Another Roleplay on TruckersMP :D 


  8. SlowMo - Funny moments :D


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    2. [ICG] [23]ThunderSky

      [ICG] [23]ThunderSky

      @CrackPrewier  Are free to use sound effects?

    3. CrackPrewier


      you can use video, there are no restrictions :)

    4. [ICG] [23]ThunderSky

      [ICG] [23]ThunderSky

      good, I will do

      ty xD


  9. ETS2 MP - SlowMo Accidents


  10. ETS2 - Roleplay - Container Trasport: I hope  you will enjoy :D


    1. MousemanLV


      That's pretty cool! 

    2. David Edson

      David Edson

      This is very cool ! 

  11. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    The only thing that kill the immersion, are peoples that find fun to kill the immersion.
  12. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    With the fix: If fixiftrailer win, at least they will need a trailer to repair. No fix for cars o trucks without trailers. Without fix: they will find another way to bypass the TruckersMP Anti-Cheat. You only need to wait. I think, nothing will change with the /fix command. Trolls are always with us. Peoples that were carefully before, will continue theyr life without using /fix. Peoples that find the fun only when crashing into other players, will continue do theyr "work". Accepting is the only thing we can do. I always dream that a day, EU#1 will be full of players that really want to drive normaly. I always dream that a day, TruckersMP will make an economy that works fine. A really good economy will really make the troll decrease drasticaly. I always dream that a day, peoples ( yeah.. trolls are still peoples.. ) who crash everywhere, will realize that's not so funny. I always, dream.. Sorry if my english wasn't that "beautiful"
  13. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    Suggestion: If you want the 100% of peoples more or less, to vote, make something more clean like the report system. So, you write /vote then a menu with many checkbox will apear. Now you only have to check the box that you want to vote. Maybe is hard to do, idk.. just suggesting.
  14. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    @HumaneWolf is this possible to do?