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  1. Also from me congratulations indicative of a working here in the forum
  2. ok understand a lit was just a thought because I see it too often and would counteract but many possibilities, the player does not have today already again written at aberdeen 2 players because they block and screw up just stupid .... MFG
  3. I would have there sometimes a suggestion. there are now times in any game any idiots who always other people have to make the game bad. what is noticed because although always play admis there but you never know how many because there is no list where you can see who is just as my suggestion: if have player problems and multiple reports on the street and no more. can they see from an admin list because the is and can I can ask for help to solve the situation quickly. should not be a criticism you do a good job but there would be something which could some up many gamblers help meaningful. I see something like that every day, but also can not make much except write that they should stop and aud regulate notes times does not go times MFG PS: very often watch on country roads near Rotterdam; mannheim, Paris and a lot to the city of Vienna
  4. usually is the server is always full when selecting example server1 1245/2300 gamblers then you see that there is space and you can to join. but if 2300/2300 stands is the server fully then you can conduct 2 1 wait freely to what is or other server use 2 joinen and wait until you can in game joinen if you get an error message it is because of what others MFG
  5. are good but I see regulate daily day cars that are at the senseless eurport and in Budapest and other cities where some rumfahren with trailer I Endland almost daily there bob and hungary
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