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  1. you need to synchronize your pc datas with Microsoft OneDrive resulting in retrivial 100% belonging, regardless anytime your pc reset.
  2. I do not say Promod do not has to be, no. What I say is this is a clear encouragement to kids begging money from poor parents to get all dlc only to enter Promod policies. The TMP mod is originally perfect as no need additional money to play with mates ingame. But sorry as Promod is clearly an invitation to spend more money to get 100% dlc. I never said nowhere that money goes to Promod team, not at all. Please do not mix up the topics.
  3. at the end of the day this is crystalclear: no 100% dlc = no promods you call this any name you choose. kids are the public to whom the game fits, they pray parents to buy 100 % dlc for just that. a decent promod maker must be honest infront of the crucial ethic question with that topic.
  4. Pro Mod is just money scam as we must own all DLC !!! You will se as usual admins will answer fakely "we do not understand what you speak about, and you are the only one to meet that problem" or something else just to skipp the hot question: what the hell you oblige kids to empty mum's & dad's poor pockets to by all dlc just to satisfy your ego ??????
  5. ets 2 live map broken http://ets2map.com/
  6. come on don't be childish when you open the website it looks working but wait 2 minutes and observe please issue running since 48 hours at least
  7. please activate your map http://ets2map.com/ is down
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