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  1. I've never had TFM positively affect my experience. Music choice is typically not one that I enjoy. It does not give information in a way that is beneficial to me. "C-D road has a jam at the Brussel-Rotterdam intersection". Yeah, I already know that. Thanks. Traffic updates from TFM aren't that great. Aside from that, my experience with TFM is limited. I think it's an unnecessary addition. It's cool to have and brings some people together, but it's not for me.
  2. https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/ to see progress. Ones that did not reach the top 5: • Prague. Czech Republic • St. Petersburg • Istanbul • Osnabrück • Frankfurt My guesses were: Amsterdam Calais Duisburg Any Corsica city Bergen Only Amsterdam got there.
  3. Had the same thing happen to me one time. You know what I did? I learned from it and disabled Airbrake simulation in TruckersMP. There is nothing stopping you from using your air pressure wisely, or merely simulating it of your own accord without the feature enabled. Fact is, stopped in the middle of the road is blocking, regardless of why you're doing it.
  4. The ProMods servers are currently offline, that's why the player count is not showing on ETS2Map. They are offline since the game updated to 1.36 and ProMods hadn't updated yet. ProMods is now updated to 1.36 with a compatibility patch, but there are issues with overlapping data with RttBS DLC that ProMods needs to correct before it is suitable for use on TruckersMP. Have a good day. [Also, the player count was typically a few thousand whenever I saw it. Quite busy in certain areas, empty in others.]
  5. I join convoys of people that I'm comfortable playing with. Used to ride in convoys all the time in 2016-2018, but as time goes on people get busy and it's hard to find groups that get along well with replacements. These days I mostly drive solo in MP. It helps with some mental issues being surrounded by people I don't know. I prefer larger convoys for empty areas, and smaller convoys for high-pop areas.
  6. Responding to OP: 110 needs to reconsider? You're right. 90km/h would be much better suited for the Simulation servers than some absurd 110. General response: I follow the limit. I don't care that someone else is going 110+. If they hit anyone, it's their fault. Not mine. Limits are limits, not minimums. If I want to go 110, I will go 110. If I want to go 50 in a 60, I will. There are no rules against it, just like there are no rules against going over it. If you are going the limit, you are technically already speeding. All are free to pass me, however I will not help you break the rules(overtaking in high population), but I also won't prevent you from breaking the rules as they would make me break the rules(encouraging rule-breaking). But I will hug the shoulder and give you as much room as you need, but it's your decision to overtake and your punishment if it wasn't safe. I don't even play with player blips. Too much information. My result: 110 is already too fast when the base trucks can't even handle 90 on most 2-lane curves. Be happy that you can go 110 or go play on Arcade. That's what it is for.
  7. Regarding your question in the QnA about ghost mode, in my experience you and they will stay ghosted inside of each other until you fully exit. You won't be banned just from driving inside each other.

  8. I'd like to add, though it may be unrelated, this same issue occurs(softlock) if you press F1 while you have chat up. You can type, but can't press Enter, F1, Escape, or any other keys. It's a softlock and it's the same state as what this post is reporting, which is also happening to me.
  9. Mid-twenties, got my license at 18, been driving since I was 15(permit). According to friends and family, I'm the best driver they know, in terms of following the law. You'll never see my speeding, running lights, rolling stop signs, lane drifting, road-raging, etc.
  10. G29 + H-shifter. Also a USB-encoder that I bound some additional functions to that wouldn't fit on the wheel. I will eventually make a faceplate for it to turn it into a button box, but I'm still collecting parts for it.
  11. I only report those who are unlucky enough to disrupt my gameplay when I'm having a bad day. 9/10 times you can ram me and I'll just say "..." in chat and move on. But if you're ever that one guy who hits me, intentional or not, they will be reported via in-game report. Rarely I do website reports(with video) when the player in question is obviously trying to upset me or disrupt my gameplay. My last video ban on someone was 2018. The guy was unable to keep his speed, regularly dropping below 40kmh on a 60kmh. My speed never changed except to slow down and avoid. Whether it was intentional or not at that point didn't matter. I was just gonna take my 60kmh cruise all the way to Calais and be done for the day. Instead, he continually showed himself as a road hazard for me and others, and when he finally rammed me at the last fuel station before Calais, I had it. For over 5 minutes, he was a hazard, then finally hits me. Accident or not, he got reported and it succeeded. TD;DR: Intention is irrelevant as long as my gameplay is not disrupted. If you somehow manage to ruin my day, you're getting reported.
  12. You're speaking as if it's just a game hack. It's much, much more than that. I remember seeing from one of the devs that the TMP mod has more lines of code than ETS2 itself does. That would mean that if new features are added, like additional pivot points, it's not as simple as "finding the addresses and synchronizing them". But 2-5 days is roughly accurate for what's been added to the game. Either way, it doesn't matter if it takes 2 days or 2 months. TMP isn't a business' project. It's a hobby project.
  13. I will find the best recording device I have and record it when I find time. I bought my wheel from Amazon new during Black Friday last year and registered it on the Logitech website. It shows that I have a 3 year warranty. Meaning I've got 2 years left if the warranty has not become void.
  14. This is probably not the best place to ask such a question, but I've had my wheel for exactly 13 months starting tomorrow. I've put in well over 2,000 hours on the wheel(based on my playtime in various driving games that I own on Steam/Privately). At this point, the leather on top is now pretty smooth and doesn't feel as rough as when it was new. The shifter boot looks like it has seen its' fair days of use(not ripped though). However, those are not my issue. My question is about the noise it makes now after those 2,000 hours. Calibration is a lot louder than it was new. A friend of mine that got his wheel almost 2 days after mine, with roughly a similar amount of hours has less noise than me during calibration. When crashing in a game, say Assetto Corsa or Live for Speed, the wheel freaks out. "duh duh dhudhudhudhudhudu duh". I have to forcefully grab it and turn away from the wall(or reset car position) or it'll keep doing it. Now for the question: Is the above issues caused by the gears on force feedback motors getting worn? If so, what are my options for it? What voids the warranty? As for now, I've taken apart both the pedals and shifter(my reverse wouldn't work sometimes, but I fixed that when I cleaned out the inside of the shifter). My emblem on the wheel itself has come off(I tried mounting a swivel phone mount to it and the emblem got pulled off) but I haven't taken anything else off of the wheel. No disassembly yet. Thank you for your time, Truck Sim community. Video of the sound. The last 30 seconds is at worst.
  15. Thanks for the update and explanation on things. Excellent work TruckersMP staff. Keep it up. Have a great rest of the year!
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