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  1. You're speaking as if it's just a game hack. It's much, much more than that. I remember seeing from one of the devs that the TMP mod has more lines of code than ETS2 itself does. That would mean that if new features are added, like additional pivot points, it's not as simple as "finding the addresses and synchronizing them". But 2-5 days is roughly accurate for what's been added to the game. Either way, it doesn't matter if it takes 2 days or 2 months. TMP isn't a business' project. It's a hobby project.
  2. I will find the best recording device I have and record it when I find time. I bought my wheel from Amazon new during Black Friday last year and registered it on the Logitech website. It shows that I have a 3 year warranty. Meaning I've got 2 years left if the warranty has not become void.
  3. This is probably not the best place to ask such a question, but I've had my wheel for exactly 13 months starting tomorrow. I've put in well over 2,000 hours on the wheel(based on my playtime in various driving games that I own on Steam/Privately). At this point, the leather on top is now pretty smooth and doesn't feel as rough as when it was new. The shifter boot looks like it has seen its' fair days of use(not ripped though). However, those are not my issue. My question is about the noise it makes now after those 2,000 hours. Calibration is a lot louder than it was new. A friend of mine that got his wheel almost 2 days after mine, with roughly a similar amount of hours has less noise than me during calibration. When crashing in a game, say Assetto Corsa or Live for Speed, the wheel freaks out. "duh duh dhudhudhudhudhudu duh". I have to forcefully grab it and turn away from the wall(or reset car position) or it'll keep doing it. Now for the question: Is the above issues caused by the gears on force feedback motors getting worn? If so, what are my options for it? What voids the warranty? As for now, I've taken apart both the pedals and shifter(my reverse wouldn't work sometimes, but I fixed that when I cleaned out the inside of the shifter). My emblem on the wheel itself has come off(I tried mounting a swivel phone mount to it and the emblem got pulled off) but I haven't taken anything else off of the wheel. No disassembly yet. Thank you for your time, Truck Sim community. Video of the sound. The last 30 seconds is at worst.
  4. Thanks for the update and explanation on things. Excellent work TruckersMP staff. Keep it up. Have a great rest of the year!
  5. Think of it this way. You're on the freeway. There's a semi truck and you pull into its' blindspot. The truck doesn't see you, it keeps going because to him, you don't exist. Considering the weight of the semi, an extra 2,000 pounds by your vehicle is nothing and doesn't even feel you. At this point, the semi is not at fault at all. You snuck into his blindspot. Another such example, you're behind a semi in the lane to its' right. It's rear guard(used for locking the trailer in place during loading) is just low enough to reach up inside your fender when it turns left. The truck turns left, the rear end of the trailer kicks out and grabs your front wheel well. As before, the truck can't even tell it picked up cargo because 1, you're in his blind spot and 2, and your 2,000 pound vehicle is nothing to the weight it already has. You are, once again, at fault. As for me, my braking sensitivity is set rather realistically and as such, I take way longer than most other trucks to stop(so I leave a lot more stopping distance in-game). If I'm charging down the freeway(dual-carriage way) at 80kph-97kph(speed limits) and some random pilot car pulls in front of me, I wouldn't be able to stop in time. I hit them, but they caused it. They are at fault. My recording will prove that I couldn't stop in time. Just the other day, I had someone on the Calais-Duisburg road crash 35meters in front of me and I was unable to avoid him if I kept going. I had to go right up the enbankment on the right side to avoid him, even though we were only going about 40kph. [Edit: Forgot this next bit:] If that scenario happened when a pilot pulled in front of me on the dual-carriage way, I'd have nowhere to go but into the pilot or the trucks behind the pilot.
  6. Woo. Shame that player levels are so low. If and when the rescale comes out and EU2 gets active again, will EU1 come back up?
  7. But they won't get hit by me. They'll hit me. It's not my problem if they serve to slow me down and cut me off and I don't react. I'm not gonna slow down if they're just gonna pull in front of me and break the rules. I get up at 5am, just before EU2 starts to get above 1,000 players and stay on until around 12pm. I love the night shift. But any friends that I could play with don't get up in the morning or work the morning shift so I can't play with them until late at night.
  8. It does indeed violate a rule, as far as I know. I haven't seen one of those types of convoys in quite a while, but generally I just keep going if they try to slow me down. If they end up getting hit by me, it's their problem. Also, the above trial support has it right. Report them. Make it better for all of us.
  9. It's a sign showing that the economy is failing. If your only two options were to do one of these things for the rest of your life, would it be: A. Watching all of anime/reading all manga B: Driving Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Sim
  10. 20 hours so far? That's alright. Not bad wait time so far. You must be new. Updates can take minutes to days. Depends on how busy the developer is and how often he wants to work on it.
  11. Yes, but my only request is that they are not forced on. Must be optional like in the past. So, no physics changing, eh?
  12. Question for you non-U.S. people. How is your trash collected? From watching dozens upon dozens of dashcam videos, I've never seen your trash collection. Never seen your collection vehicles. Even if I did manage to, I don't see how they'd fit in some of your outskirt villages, or even some of the main ones. So many inconsiderate parking jobs.

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    2. [VIVA] Savage Frog

      [VIVA] Savage Frog

      No problem :)


      No trailer mate haha


      Here is a video that might help you understand the process better:




      The big bins you see are from commercial places - different businesses etc.

    3. Reese[G27]Slow


      Just a couple of clips of how ours is handled.


      General Trash:




      Business Collection:




    4. Shovali


      on USA all the things are big

  13. This same thread was made nearly 24 hours ago.
  14. Plot twist: Not everyone uses the dots. This idea doesn't make sense unless the dots are forced on for everyone. -1
  15. This is also sometimes caused by people driving through the trailers in the non-collision zone. When they drive through, they start moving and sometimes fly through the air.
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