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  1. I got this as well, then the game crashed I have the standard cabin, and it still crashed
  2. There's evidently another new update, but I keep getting a server error 500 when I try to update (running as admin got it to start updating, very slowly, though)
  3. Because ProMods needs to be updated to 1.36 first, which will take a month or two.
  4. I see that its now at, but no mention of what has been fixed.
  5. I got it fixed by following the suggestions of also removing any references to it in the registry after uninstalling it, then reinstalling. It works now.
  6. Alright, since I am on the Insider Preview of Windows 10, currently on 1782, I started getting this error after the update Microsoft .net is updated, temp folder is cleared, INetCache exists --EDIT-- Following the instructions here to remove as much of truckersMP from the registry worked, and now I can run the program.
  7. Not working on my end. Also running Windows 10 Insider Preview 17682
  8. BTW, I get this when starting the multiplayer: "00:00:06.591 : <WARNING> [model] Model geometry '/model/et2_logo/et2_logo.pmg' has incorrect file version 506d6713 - expected version 506d6714"
  9. I haven't played MP in at least a year and a half, so the freezing on ferry use is because of server sync and I should wait for a few minutes? --EDIT-- Yup, no more freezing after first ferry use.
  10. It has something to do with the collision box. I'm guessing they can't figure out how to get it to work in MP?
  11. BTW, here's the winter mod for ATS: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=202&t=202656
  12. I am getting the following, and this is after having it update: EDIT: Seems I have fixed the message by deleting the launcher from December 5th. What sort of launcher argument can I use to directly launch ATS or ETS2 as a Steam link using this new launcher?
  13. Is there still a good reason why the Schwarzmuller trailer DLC isn't supported yet?
  14. Here's my completely updated computer:
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