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  1. Sharkyz

    Fps drop

    Apparently problem solved ! Don't ask me how but i just know it's back to normal. Thanks guys Safe driving !
  2. Sharkyz

    Fps drop

    yes here is a little screen. i found the memory clock low http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/32/1439118817-msi.jpg Also not very good in computer so maybe it's not helping
  3. Sharkyz

    Fps drop

    Hello , im writing this post because i clearly need help. Last night i was playing and my fps dropped from 60 fix to less than 25 and sometime going to 5 !! i played for 3 weeks with a good 60 fps fix with high settings and since yesterday impossible to play as low fps make my game slow. i recently update my computer with a i5 4460 a gtx960 and 8 go of ram. I really don't understand why suddently my fps are so low. they are not even going back to 60. Please if you have any tricks or solutions i'm listenning (Sorry for my bad english it is not my first languages.) Sharkyz
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