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  1. Anyway, playing on an arcade server with low online is boring. There are trolls at all speeds. Yesterday I saw a truck ramming passing cars without a trailer(1server). The speed limit is most likely those who constantly sit in 2-3 cities of Belgium / Germany. If you go to any other country there are EMPTY tracks with zero traffic. So also have to go slowly. You are free to set your rules, but as a player I don’t like this restriction. Thanks for answers. You can close it.??
  2. Okay as i see "High speeds such as 150 km/h (93 mph) are not realistic for a truck in Europe or in the US" Yes, in real life, trucks do not drive 150 km / h, but there is no artificial limitation there. And there are rules / fines. And you artificially removed the ability to drive fast. It is boring in the conditions of empty ETS2MP tracks. I hope someday your rules will change
  3. Hello, I have not played for a long time, when I started the game again, I saw that the maximum speed is limited to 110km / h. 1)Please tell me why it was decided to limit it? It was interesting after all without limitation. 2)And will they ever be returned to their previous settings without a limit??
  4. Okay i look a lote of proposes on forum and one thing helps me.? Launch with OpenGL via Steam, close game and lunch et2mp. Solved. Thank you all and Next17 special one
  5. THank you for try, but nothing changes. I Delte game and mod, all files with ets2 and mp, reinstall. Singleplayer works(as before) Mp no.
  6. Hello everyone. After 3 months not playing ETS2MP, i lunch game but it black screen and error "GAME CRASHED - FATAL ERROR" Maybe someone can help me??
  7. I found answer sorry for new topic. Delete it please
  8. Hello is it possible automatic gear change on scout car? Or only manual?
  9. Hello, i got new paintjobe after finished event, but it doesnt work in MP. When it will be fixed?
  10. DLC - Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack has new engine or only tunning pack? If no, why Scania faster if it has only 730hp engine?
  11. How does this DLC calls? For Scania upgrade and does it work in MP?
  12. Hello. Thank you all but what about TRANSMISSION? I found what i have ~167km/h with ATO3512F+ASO even with ANY CHASSIS. Maybe you can advice me better transmission? Is retarder affect on top speed or no?
  13. Hi all. Im looking TOP SPEED configuration for Volvo FH. 1)Which chassis i must use? 8x2 6x2 4x2? 2)Which transmission i must use for it? P.s. im trying to test myself but with Allison 4500 any chassis gives ~149 km/h. I know what it possible to have near 170 km/h.
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