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  1. [SCS Blog] New Scania S and R: Aproaching the Finish Line

    @LSPD Gamer yeah maybe next week or some time next month we will see the Scania...
  2. [SCS Blog] New Scania S and R: Aproaching the Finish Line

    @LSPD Gamer what makes you think that?
  3. Screenshots!

  4. Curiosity about save edited trucks

    The game loads the sound files that are in the save folder, so if you manually save edit just the engine perf file itself then the game will still load the default sounds, if you change the sound file then it will be like above but with the sounds. Engine performance and sound files are in different file directories within the base.scs so they will not affect each other if one is changed if that clears things up a bit more its like me saying that people will still see a company trailer even if I've save edited it to be a plain one.
  5. A few questions about Doubles...

    @Autonomous_Driving_1.3.7 I don't think people would be able to handle them... I see enough people struggle to park doubles at the rest stop on the Bergen-Oslo road.
  6. Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth)

    @LordBenji so if you take a job with your 'owned' trailer, when you drop it at the delivery point will it become unattachable like a company trailer?
  7. A few questions about Doubles...

    ^ I have my doubles license plates matched with my truck and I save edit the plain trailer blue to match my DAF and I haven't encountered a problem. I'm surprised that ETS haven't implemented BDF style vehicles yet or proper Scandi doubles instead of these Gigaliner styled doubles. I'd love to rock about with a rigid that has a 'normal' sized trailer on a dolly.
  8. Screenshots!

  9. Released

    I don't always post on dev updates, but when I do I'm really damn appreciative. Great work, thanks guys.
  10. Another suggestion/question for the rule update regarding multiple trailers. Are the 20ft box trailers in ATS considered full length? I can just see someone using save game edits to make themselves a massive road train out of those little trailers when we get doubles in ATS.

    1. doorgapmonster


      my guess would be 2 is going to be the maximum 

  11. [POLL] How do you drive in-game?

    On motorways I travel a few km over 90 to simulate a well set up speed limiter as you're allowed a few km more than 90 IRL even if the speedo shows 90km/h you're probably going in the region of 92-94km/h if you have someone like me setting the tacho/speed limiter up. I'm a mechanic and I like to set them a little fast because you get a tolerance on the speed limiters and then some if you know how to manipulate things (not running the wire or interference devices) because drivers like to have a little more speed so they can overtake faster/safer and not hold up traffic. In Cities/Towns I religiously follow the speed limits because there's no point flying through the likes of Rotterdam at 70km and then trying to manoeuvre around corners, you're just a hazard to everyone around you. On back roads, depending on the terrain/road I will either be on the speed limiter or I'll be following the limit. If someone wants to pass me and it's clear then I'll give a quick indicate to the side of the road to say it's clear and slow down a bit so said person can pass me. I play this game because I enjoy driving trucks how they're supposed to be driven. I may have my license IRL but I am not a professional driver by all means, I have it to make my job a little easier. I play this game so I can sit back and relax whilst making sure that I'm not rusty so I'm not bouncing trailers off curbs when I take a truck on road test at work.
  12. Locomotive at toll

    The only problem I've come across is some of the cargos dont fit under the fast-track tolls. So you just have to go through the tolls that you have to stop at.
  13. You need to sort out the throw on that gear shifter though. I've driven old Volvo F88s and they don't even have that much throw between gears, damn even coaches don't even have that much throw and they're bad. Good effort though. Wish I had the patience to wire something like that up.
  14. G29 vs G920

    I've gone from a G27 which I lost a couple of gears on the stick and I couldn't find a replacement shifter nor could I repair the potentiometers in the shifter so I got a G920 which I didn't like because the wheel has a flat bottom. I'm not sure whether the G29 is the same but I ended up selling the wheel shortly after I bought it and came into a bit of money so I bought a Thrustmaster TX. If money is a problem I would try and find a G27 because I find it's still better than the newer generation wheels. If you can fork out a couple more hundred on top then just get a Thrustmaster. You can't use the plugin (which I miss cause it's awesome) but with the right ffb settings on the TX is just as good.
  15. Scania Sound

    Damn thanks for the info, never knew about that and I've been playing the game since release.