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  1. I enjoy the current state of ATS. SCS were right in their decision to rescale the map, makes the roads feel more open and it adds a nice contrast to rolling past City after City like you do in ETS. We will see a great ATS map one day where we can go from California to New York, Alaska to Florida. Imagine how long you would be driving realtime, only then most people who don't drive might actually understand how hard it is to drive for a living. inb4 carrying out 2000+ mile trip to get rolled into by a Skoda just before you get to your delivery point.
  2. ^ There is a hotkey to cycle through the dashboard map modes so you can turn it off, not sure what key it is as I use a wheel. I'd check it out in the options.
  3. I don't always post on dev updates, but when I do I'm really damn appreciative. Great work, thanks guys.
  4. Another suggestion/question for the rule update regarding multiple trailers. Are the 20ft box trailers in ATS considered full length? I can just see someone using save game edits to make themselves a massive road train out of those little trailers when we get doubles in ATS.

    1. doorgapmonster


      my guess would be 2 is going to be the maximum 

  5. The instance at 4:13 "Watch where you're going, d***head" made me laugh hard. THAT is what the CB is for right there!
  6. Yeah it's snowing in the North of England, had aroudn 6 inches if not a bit more where I live.

  7. ^ I see where you're coming from, but you could probably count situations like that on one hand so I can't see why it would be more effective overall. Don't get me wrong you're right in what you're saying, and if the map had a lot more gradients like that then it would seem more reasonable to have an 80 limit. It's just that with the majority of the map being relatively flat that even single track roads with tight curves wouldn't slow your truck down enough to warrant the extra speed (well not like you'd want to go fast around sections of road like that), which would lead to more people that would be going faster on the entry of roads like that. It's bad enough to see someone coming towards you on a road like that still doing 60, let alone at 80. I just think it would cause more hassle than good in the long run so I don't see the point of it.
  8. You say it would be easier to overtake if the limit was 80, but you're forgetting that people drive on the server speed limit anyway so you will be in the same situation. Then you need to think that the truck limit in California is 55 so those of us that do drive around that speed will get rear ended when you speed junkies are having an 80mph overtake battle. You approach someone doing 55 fast enough at 68 so there's no need for this change, just work on your patience levels.
  9. SCS are more than likely gonna release a hotfix for the W900 anyway so theres no point.
  10. I understand having depots as no collision zones, but this would completely remove the authenticity of the game. Just wait in line and be patient, it's not the end of the world waiting to fuel up or weigh your truck now is it? Stuff like this happens at truck stops and weigh stations, you get a bit of a bottle neck now and then at peak times. Plus I don't want to deal with everyone driving through my truck just to fuel up then wreck themselves cause their trailer is still in my truck when they exit the no collision zone...
  11. Also whilst in City limits you cannot rev your engine in neutral to rev match your next gear, which ruins floating gears. IE even if you have your truck out of gear you cannot rev your engine if you're going faster than 60km/h.
  12. Jobs haven't been synchronized yet pal, the person who made ETS2 Job sync doesn't have the game yet I believe so we'll just have to be patient.
  13. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Doesn't matter Description of Issue: When driving towards a City you enter the city limits (restricted speed area) and then exit it, then enter again and exit again ect ect. It is like this with most Cities with Reno being one of the worst as you exit the City then enter City limits again until you get a few miles out and then you finally get out of the restricted speed area. How to reproduce: Just drive around Cities like Reno, Sacramento, Winnemuca ect. Screenshots / Videos: N/A