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  1. Suggestion Name: Allow local mod sounds back into MP Suggestion Description: Basically same as the suggestion name Any example images: Nope, it's a sound mod Why should it be added?: If you have 2 engine sounds, the first loaded being the local mod, we will use Kriechbaums V8 sound as an example, then the stock truck sound below the local mod. For the player, it will only load the first sound file, and the second sound file (the default scania V8) will still load for other players. Add an autokick function if just the local mod is loaded without the stock engine sound. That way people who have ancient PC builds will still hear a truck approaching on them and the players who use the local mod sounds will be happy to not put up with garbage SCS sounds. Everyone's a winner here!
  2. @LSPD Gamer yeah maybe next week or some time next month we will see the Scania...
  3. @LordBenji so if you take a job with your 'owned' trailer, when you drop it at the delivery point will it become unattachable like a company trailer?
  4. I don't always post on dev updates, but when I do I'm really damn appreciative. Great work, thanks guys.
  5. Another suggestion/question for the rule update regarding multiple trailers. Are the 20ft box trailers in ATS considered full length? I can just see someone using save game edits to make themselves a massive road train out of those little trailers when we get doubles in ATS.

    1. doorgapmonster


      my guess would be 2 is going to be the maximum 

  6. Yeah it's snowing in the North of England, had aroudn 6 inches if not a bit more where I live.

  7. Jobs haven't been synchronized yet pal, the person who made ETS2 Job sync doesn't have the game yet I believe so we'll just have to be patient.
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