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  1. Thank you to everyone who came to RLC's 2nd Anniversary today. Your support is massively appreciated by everyone and the turnout today was amazing to see! A special thanks to the Event Staff and TMP Staff (most of the them below) for making sure the event ran smoothly, you guys were fantastic. ❤️ I'm sure John will have more to say in his post whenever he does one, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. :P 


    Credit to John for this photo and also credit to him for everything he does for RLC, I have never seen someone so committed to a VTC before and he deserves massive praise for the amount of work and commitment he contributes to RLC. ? 



    1. Beau.


      Thanks a lot Smurfy for your kinds words! Love you too ❤️

    2. Mayukh


      Thanks Smurfy for being the best game mod at that event ❤️

    3. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of RLC. It's a good organization,I had a good time driving last night!❤️

  2. I seriously hope that one day the players win this.
  3. MDllMTgwNTBmYzk.png


    Felt cute, might ban someone later. This no longer makes sense as the image appears to have disappeared.


    P.S. Think we need to improve our formation skills @Olioak @Savage. @Lasse @Ali. :wub: Also, please just say the photo looks good to make me feel better. :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SMURFY.


      You guys are making me emotional :wub:

    3. Alon_TMP


      Wow   nice:love:

    4. Guest



  4. Congratulations, very proud of you and it's all very well deserved rewards. 

    1. Beau.


      Thanks bro <3

  5. Happy birthday, have a great day! :D

  6. Got a lot of messages to catch up on now Mr.TGMO, don't forget about me when you become famous! Congratulations boss, very proud of you! :love:

    1. Beau.


      Haha, thank you Smurfy :wub:

  7. Hi Johnas, Have you got random events turned off? It isn't safe to have them turned on in multiplayer - if you want to know how to find the option, Open the pause menu, navigate to Options, then Gameplay and find the Random Road Events option and disable them. Please let me know if I was any help.
  8. +1 Nice idea which makes it fairer for the people who aren’t either aware of the headlight rule or don’t notice it.
  9. <- This will be me by the time this DLC comes out.
  10. I'm not from a Baltic country, but this a paintjob pack that actually looks quite nice. As @BlackSkill said, having this included with the map would be a lot better, seems a bit like an EA trick.
  11. Devastating when you’re not at home till tomorrow and the rest of your VTC are posting screenshots from the beta.
  12. As others have said, it’s best to record and then report them on the website using the report section. Other than that, this suggestion wouldn’t really work because, like a lot of similar suggestions, the computer can’t determine who rams who. Therefore, the solution to your issue is to record or, like most people, use a profile which has billions on it so that repair prices aren’t an issue.
  13. Only mods I have ever used are the 730HP for trucks like the Renault and DAF but I don’t use them anymore. I also don’t understand the point in the local mods because no one else can see them and it’s better to use something like ProMods alongside them, in my opinion.
  14. -1 Not everyone with a high ping lags, although most do it's a bit unfair on those that don't. Also, ping fluctuates while you're playing, bringing people out of ghost mode if this occurs could cause issues bigger than what it is trying to prevent. Finally, some lag is FPS lag and unless people under a certain FPS get it then these laggers will still be causing issues. For now, it is best just to keep your distance from laggers.
  15. -1 It would be amazing to have custom VTC paintjobs, but this would mean each person that joins a VTC would have to be added to some sort of group so that they can access the relevant paint and it could just make joining VTCs an even longer process.
  16. Great guide, thanks a lot, mistakes could have been made.
  17. +1 A lot of people like to have a smaller TAB menu open constantly and it is annoying to have to reset the size each time you get in-game, nice idea!
  18. +1 Nice idea that would be more convenient while driving, particularly in densely populated areas, e.g. C-D.
  19. The event looks top quality, hopefully, I'll be able to come!
  20. -1 Although it improves the simulator experience, it can cause a lot more accidents and as other people have stated it can be used as an excuse for people to troll.
  21. +1 Although it would be hard to achieve, I support the idea as it makes VTC's more immersive and gives drivers more of a purpose to drive carefully.
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