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  1. Yup, i have a RX 6600 8 GB, i disabled the "Fake Shadows" and it all looks realistic and normal.
  2. Thank you for your answer, yeah i agree! I like both but in my opinion this is better.
  3. Good afternoon! Just did the route twice and i saw plenty people! Don't remember if you were there but anyways thank you! Have a good day.
  4. Agreed, Calais-Duisburg is a tradition, not all people will move but i think that if we try to use this road actively with friends, etc. It will slowy become popular (not as C-D) but let's say some 100-200 in the Road and 10-20 in the cities.
  5. So most people ask ourselves how did C-D road get so popular, we could assume it was something like "Hey look, theres some people going thru this road", then ppl would invite their friends to play in the same road and other people would copy them too... Atleast that's what I think, now I feel C-D is getting pretty repetitive, starting to have new alternatives and routes for people to try out and popularize is pretty hard, convincing everyone isn't easy and I understand that, but leaving this post here might lead for new people to try out this amazing road as an alternative, it has amazing landscapes, straights, highways, downhills, curves, It has pretty much everything, it's a bit long but people could always make their stops, today i tried this road out and yknow i loved it! I saw like 30 people on it and i thought: "Dang, thats pretty high" I'd love to get more people to meet this road and make it more populated, atleast something we would not feel lonely at , get your friends to play it! Cheers!
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