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  1. Nothing is as great as when the GPS doesn't show people coming and they don't render in so you have to smash ALT+F4 making a left turn when they do eventually pop in.

  2. It's been awhile since I really made reports on the site, but holy hell the turnaround time on them now is absurdly good 😮


    IDK how many more mods there are, but going from a week or more per ticket to well under half an hour is incredible.

  3. Forgot to mention that was one of the things I tried and it made no difference. Just went ahead and added that to the OP.
  4. So after the last? patch Tuesday for Windows 10, I noticed that ETS2 will crash after being open for roughly the same amount of time, regardless of what you do (even on both my profiles or if you make a new one). I've done all the standard stuff (listed at the end of this) to no avail. I'm just really curious if anyone else has experienced this and been able to fix it. For what it's worth, ATS doesn't have this problem and it works just fine. The list™ Updated Nvidia drivers (also tried rolling them back a few versions) Checked for any potential Windows Update hotfixes Removed every trace of ETS2 aside from profiles (later tried without them and it made no difference) Downloaded and installed ETS2 on different drives Removed every trace of TMP (tried launching without it installed as well as installed) Launching ETS as well as TMP as administrator Deactivating all mods as well as removing them all Here's a video showing the time frame that I have to work with before it crashes.
  5. Nothing quite like having two weeks worth of reports piled up... image.png.39d7139a9407bfa2d3a155e579e5a401.png

  6. Absolutely not. Glancing at the GPS here and there is fine by me. Would much rather do that then have some annoying GPS voice complain at me over my music.
  7. I always find it funny when someone thinks you were trying to brakecheck them (even though you had to slam the brakes for people in front of you crashing), and then later on that person gets back at you by ramming you. Like thanks for just handing me an easy report, that's awfully nice of you.

  8. Duisburg is a lost cause. It's like the port at Rotterdam 2? years ago where it took you 30-45 minutes to make it from the intersection to get to Amsterdam to the port. I try to avoid Duisburg if at all possible but sometimes the money is just too good not to.
  9. Sometimes I swear some more moderators need to be added if anything just for the reports on the site. Seems like as time goes on the turnaround times on reports you file just gets longer and longer.

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    2. flibberdipper


      Hell, they struggle moderating in-game more than ever as well. I can't speak for before the rework since I didn't start being bothered to report people until maybe a week beforehand, but I have something like 20 reports still open from post-rework. Then again, I also main the C-D road but avoid Duisburg like the plague.

    3. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      I avoid all of that area. Maybe it will come a time when it will be usable again, but for now, there are too many "Idiots on the road" and when doing WoT jobs, damage is not fixable, someone hits your cargo hard enough, job destroyed. I do only WoT jobs and the longer the route, the better. So I try to keep away from any of the well known trolls' dens.

    4. flibberdipper


      Through some miracle of the trucking gods, I'm generally able to at least break even on jobs (lately actually making good profit). Though I don't do WoT jobs since I use what's essentially a burner account for TMP so that I don't ruin my main. Seems like whenever I bring the main on since it's a pretty early game I either go bankrupt stupid fast from the damage that builds up from people constantly rear ending you, or it just outright breaks the ability to get standard jobs.

  10. Yeah I think you're pretty much spot on. If anything, might as well make the new "casual" server have unlimited speed again. Keep the dunces happy so they can floor it everywhere and keep the sim servers a bit cleaner.
  11. I actually am totally on board with the new speed limiter at 110. I generally only did about 120 unless someone was right up my ass so it's really hardly a change for me. And honestly I'd have to say to keep the Scout as-is. I tend to drive it so it'd be kinda annoying if it was walled off because a minority drove like idiots.
  12. Y'know, that's a pretty smart idea. Suppose 1AM me was overthinking this far too much lol
  13. I've got a couple of reports I haven't had time to file, and I went to file them just to see the restructure and am not really sure what I should do about it. Reports are for EU2 for what it's worth.
  14. I hope it's as good as I heard Oregon was, but I still feel that they charge too much per state. $12USD is just too much for me to swallow personally. Honestly if it were half that I would have a much easier time ponying up and buying them (though I guess that problem will likely be solved for me with either the summer or winter sales).
  15. I just hope that the feature isn't disabled somehow, because it'd be really nice to be able to constantly haul around a trailer so that I'm trailer-less when the game is being semi-retarded and won't let me sleep to get jobs.
  16. Anybody else unable to connect to World of Trucks? Trying to do the last gift haul to finish Tier 2 and I can no longer connect. :/

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    2. Transdev 662 YJ05 KHH
    3. flibberdipper


      Well I guess that's a good thing that it's not just my ISP being retarded again. :P

    4. NexooYT


      Well I couldn't connect for 20 mins, and then it worked and I resumed my delivery.


  17. My body is ready for the 1.30 MP update, and hopefully it'll bring some snow with it ;)

  18. If only it made the roads slightly slicker...
  19. Sorry for taking (relatively) a while to reply, but one of the recentish updates seems to have fixed it for the most part. There's still a random crash maybe once a week but other than that it seems fine.
  20. Title honestly says it all. There's no rhyme or reason for the crashes, it just does it as it damn well pleases. ETS2 validates just fine as well. Not sure what else to say, but here's the crash.log. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/253953355527880704/297475912344141825/crash.log
  21. If at all possible I'd like to see the police siren get a bit louder. I couldn't even hear an admin coming up behind me in my Skoda until I popped my head out the window.
  22. I wonder how much better the truck would do stopping if it had dual rear axles. I imagine not much since most of the work is being done by the front brakes, but now I'm curious. Either way, that is bloody impressive. Regardless, the Skoda still has shittastic brakes in-game (glhf stopping in an emergency at even 60kmh), and I do genuinely think something needs to be changed. It's fine for SP, but once you hop into MP you really have to preventative brake.
  23. Lighter cars should stop faster, so long as the brakes aren't complete crap. If you ask me, given how heavy the IRL car is, these things should stop as well as, if not better, than the trucks. My car isn't exactly all that light IRL but if you hit the brakes, you sure as hell know you did, unlike the Skoda in-game where you wonder if you'll stop in time.
  24. My favorite is RJLs Scania mod. I freaking love that truck so much.
  25. Right now it's ETS2 and Forza Horizon, but I'd like to yar har fiddle de dee my way into City Car or whatever it was called, just to see if it's even remotely interesting.
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