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    1. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      Well, there are some paid stuff on Fortnite with more features :smart: oh wait it's not Discord :troll: 

  1. why is this a thread and not just an announcement. i dont think people should be allowed to post replies, like 3 years later nearly they are still content farming off it... smh 


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    2. Fading


      Wouldn't it be nice if you responded to my pms?
      If the forums mods are active enough, I shouldn't need to report this to them.

    3. Smalley


      Thats because it's better to use the report system then pms 

    4. Fading


      Sorry what? You haven't even read my pms have you?

  2. why tf does omsi 2 work for every youtuber ever, and then it just doesnt want to work at all for me... :(

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    2. Fading
    3. Irishleprechaun


      lool its quite complicated to do especially when trying to set up a steering wheel.

    4. Fading


      That's not the problem lmao. I can do that, if the game actually starts up. I am constantly having errors..

  3. psssst. it says "to BOTH Game Managers". but there are three. missing out marco D: 




  4. I don't think promoting Forum Moderators to Trial Game Moderators is the best idea you guys have had. TruckersMP claim to have a 2 million player base. It is probably around the 1 million mark of people that have signed up to the forum, and then around the 3 thousand actually active on the forum. So what staff have you got for this? Forum Moderators, how many? 15.... Not the best idea... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



    1. xBestBBx


      IIRC, some previous mods that have been promoted might have moderation privs in certain areas. They won't show up in that list I think.

    2. Fading


      Yes, I know that, but I am on about the Forum Moderator role. Not CMs+

  5. Wow you have gone up in the ranks very quickly! I remember like it was yesterday you were in TFM Discord crying that you weren't on the team :P Congrats ma dued

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    2. Prototype


      You actually cried?

    3. Fading


      Nooo, he didn't cry. I meant it like he was annoyed/upset.

    4. KhaosHammer


      Nobody cried, at least not from what I can remember. :lol:

      But some of us were "mad" at something but I can't remember what/who it was. xD

  6. Hello! We are Quantum Group. A small community that is based around gaming, but we chat about everything, even real life things. If you want people to hang out with or talk to about anything, then head over to our website and find out more!


    Since we are new, we need people to help us out. So we are recruiting, scroll down to the bottom of the website and you will find an application form! Good luck.


    Website - https://quantumg.co.uk/

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/quantumggroup

    Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/quantumggroup

  7. Oh gg Kapiska ;) 

  8. It starts to sound weird by the end, as if he is screaming

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    2. _Pingu_


      at 0:11 i hear him say "F noot noot" :o 

    3. Syntackz


      All i hear is Noot Noot so funny. Imagine penguin gives reply to all posts as Noot Noot:D

    4. Penguin
  9. qV1CxOx.png

    The slight change in the colour triggers me xD

    1. DerAmpelmann


      One of them is slightly less closed :truestory: 

  10. Anyone good with websites? And wants to help me out with setting one up... please pm. I seem to have no idea what I am doing

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    2. TrademarkGamer


      Yeah but it's like £30 to link a domain to wix

  11. Hey guys, made a video on the new /fix command. 



    1. DerAmpelmann


      That should clarify things for some users. Nice one! ;)

  12. Anyone want a steam code for F1 Race Stars?

  13. New or old news?




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    2. _Pingu_


      so that means it is going to be released on December the 1st but it will take 5 days longer for it to be in MP 

    3. [VIVA HH] Kravatie
    4. DerAmpelmann


      Have some faith, Krav! :troll:

  14. Happy Birthday! :D 

  15. love ur new name. i wish i could make good names like that tho

    1. Aestrial


      Yeah, I really like it <3

  16. All my photos from the new Public beta so far ; 


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    2. Hz3rd


      Great pictures! thanks for sharing :)

    3. BRODYAGA_522
  17. ETS2 1.28 Beta just released!!!! Already taken some photos :P 





  18. Happy Birthday Gazzy! :P

    1. WelshGaz


      Thanks mate :)

  19. Happy Birthday MWL and @SUZYLU89. :P Hope you have a fun day...

  20. Happy Birthday Kap :D

    1. Kap.


      Thanks ;D 

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