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  1. I'll give you chocolate-flavoured bacon.
  2. Neither... But BK if I had no choice. Dora The Explorer or Teletubbies?
  3. Classic trucks Realistic road conditions and traffic Karens IRL companies Mandatory challenges, like trailer docking because parking a trailer isn't always straightforward Audio upgrades, so I can drive around blasting 2Pac for all the NPCs
  4. POTM entry for May. Tried to do a sky composite with fireworks.
  5. A "screwing around" edit. Playing with colours, and trying to enhance the details.
  6. Lash_777


    La Dawri https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Dawri
  7. Lash_777


    Ora https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ora_(marque)
  8. Used to play ETS2 and ATS because of an interest in trucks. In 2018, I was watching a streamer play it and wanted to join in the driving. Then I got into VTCs and the social side of TMP. Now, over 1.5K hours with a one and a half year break in 2022.
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