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  1. These days, I'm starting to manage to make things right, friends 

  2. I've been mentally depressed for a long time
  3. Öncelikle selamlar, Sürüm düşürmeden kastın, TruckersMp girmek için 1.50'den 1.49 düşürmeyi mi söylüyorsun? Steam'de kütüphaneden oyuna sol tık, özellikler diyip betalar sekmesine geleceksin. Ardından 1.49 olanı seçeceksin. Saygılarımla, leyost
  4. Elazığspor 2. Lige yükseldi 🔥🔥


    3 gündür yolda geçti günüm. Dün akşam 6 gibi geri geldik İstanbul'dan Elazığ'a. 

  5. Elazığspor 2. Promoted to the league 🔥🔥

  6. ı'm bored

  7. Elazığspor'un 2. Lige yükselmesi için bir maç kaldı!

  8. The main thing here is not to win, but to lose
  9. In my opinion, people will be more curious about this new change and it will be more crowded than ever But I wish there were crowds everywhere on the map, not just some places in the game. People get into the game even just for the c-d path. Some people, like me, take that road because they like to drive in heavy traffic. Kind of obligatory
  10. First of all, hello, although some people understand me, some people misunderstand me For this reason, I thought I would write a statement. Namely, I know that this feature cannot be used as an autopilot Today, however, lane keeping assist is better able to In the same way, I wanted to express that people who deliberately endanger people's driving in the game can use it as if it were autopilot, as an example of behavior For example, instead of pulling over when he goes to drink water, he can completely immerse himself in this system. Best regard leyost
  11. Selam @CANER TEKİN, Bunu Admin" olarak ele almayıp, Herhangi birisini nasıl bulabilirim diye değiştireyim: Oyundaki ismini, forum.truckersmp.com'da aratarak kişinin ( varsa Forum hesabına ulaşabilirsin ( Genellikle Adminlerin Forum hesabı bulunmatka) - Forum hesabına ulaştıktan sonra Mesaj kısmından kendisiyle iletişim kurabilirsin, onun haricinde: TruckersMP'nin Discord Sunucusuna katılabilirsin, Bir çok oyuncuyu burada bulabileceğin gibi, TruckersMP Yetkililerini rahatlıkla bulup iletişime geçebileceğin bir ortam olduğunu bilmeni isterim. Onun haricinde, TruckersMP sitesi üzerinden Ticket & Destek vb. Kategorilerden sorununla hangisi bağdaşıyorsa seçip, ilgili kişilere ulaşabilrirsin '3
  12. hi, It will definitely improve over time, at least I hope so
  13. '3 Hello yes. It's nice to have the same thought '3
  14. ^ Hi @Agricultor [PT] I'm fine, thank you for asking. I hope you are well and in good spirits, my friend. Like you, I wanted to try TruckersMP, but when I saw that the game had started to be updated, I did not get involved yet. After examining etc. Then I'll take it back so I can play TMP. I'm glad the topic contains enough information to give you an idea, I hope it gets better.
  15. First of all, hello everyone , As you know, a new update has arrived for Euro Trucks Simulator 2, the name of this update is 1.50. There is a feature in this Update that many people will be interested in and perhaps actively use: Lane Tracking System. I am among these people, I turned it on from the settings to try this feature. There is only one condition for the feature to be active: You must drive your vehicle at a speed of 50 (maybe 55, I don't remember exactly right now, but most likely 55) km/h or above.This feature automatically activates when it reaches this speed. So far so nice. However, from what I have observed, there are times when he gets a little close to leaving the lane, sometimes even a little out of the lane (there are also times when he gets out of the lane enough to cause an accident). Generally, he intervenes in the steering wheel only once. And as far as I know, the steering sensitivity of the lane tracking system cannot be adjusted. Well what does it mean? We have to use manual sensitivity adjustment One of the problems comes into play at this point. Since the steering sensitivity setting of this system is very low, it drifts out of the lane even when there are very few bends. This naturally means an accident. When he leaves his lane, he has trouble holding on to the next lane and literally crashes into the wall. There is also this detail: When Lane Keeping Assist is activated, it checks whether we are signaling. This feature is truly a masterpiece because it works smoothly. But first let me give you a little background on how it works. If we give our signal, the truck will not intervene if it goes in the direction we signaled, so signaling and changing lanes will be successful. The main reason why this system works smoothly lies here. This system is currently very poor at keeping the truck in the lane Let me give an example with a small video on a slightly winding road, I do not touch the steering wheel so we can see how the Lane Keeping Assist works. The speed limit where I am is 80 km, but I kept the vehicle at 60 km in case they claim that the truck did not stay in the lane because it was at high speeds. The minimum speed required for this feature to work is 55 km. As you can see, if I had not intervened with the steering wheel at the last moment, I would have had an accident. I don't know yet whether this system has the ability to adjust the steering sensitivity. If there is, I would appreciate it if you could tell me, because I couldn't see it when I looked, I might have missed it. But otherwise, I think they should introduce this system for healthier use, so that everyone can adjust the steering sensitivity appropriate to themselves. To summarize, the Lane Tracking Assistant is obvious, you see its example in the video. I think we can solve this by adjusting the steering sensitivity of the Lane Keeping Assistant, because in general the assistant only intervenes in the steering once before leaving the lane. And since it is a very soft touch, it poses a danger in areas with slight bends and traffic.There are also cases where he leaves the lane, which definitely means an accident. But of course there is a solution to these problems! When Lane Keeping Assist is active, do not give up control of the vehicle by relying on this system. So should this feature be used in TruckersMP? If I were to express my opinion, considering that this system was developed and used in this way; Since this is a feature of the Game itself, they may not be able to make a removal/restriction decision. However, while some people in the game may knowingly cause accidents, this creates the possibility that they may completely abandon driving safety when using this system. This clearly causes the accident, as seen in the video. It is very dangerous to give all control to this system when there are people in the game who knowingly cause accidents.And these people may show the following behavior: If they leave the screen, even for a short time, they no longer have the ability to detect and brake the vehicle in front of them. However, the security of using such a system leaves a question mark in mind. Naturally, they will have accidents again. That is, even if the assistant manages to stay in the lane. Apart from this, there is also While the feature is on and we intervene, etc. The system continues to work, meaning it takes away our steering control. Accident prevention etc. We may not even be able to prevent a possible accident because our control in such situations will be in danger. Additionally, when we encounter someone using the feature: When the control is in the system, we make a counter move, thinking that the oncoming person may hit us even if he leaves the lane (It may be completely, it may be very little), we make a counter move such as defense. Although there is no risk of accident during these moves, a new risk of accident may arise. I wish everyone safe, careful and enjoyable driving. For the reasons I mentioned above, we will need to focus more on safe driving because the risks are higher than ever! What are your thoughts and opinions on this subject? Best Regards, leyost
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