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  1. liamh053

    One Truck Family Event

    Yes it is, only searching through external contracts, maybe they only spawn in a certain amount of countries and not all of them?
  2. liamh053

    One Truck Family Event

    Yeah but I'm been to prague & bratislava and found nothing, is there only certain places they spawn?
  3. liamh053

    One Truck Family Event

    Hi Truckers, Could anyone help me as I can't seem to find any of the trailers in the game? Many thanks
  4. liamh053

    Installing update 0.1.9

    Razor0892, i have that problem now aswell i get the multiplayer desktop icon but single player loads up??
  5. liamh053

    Installing update 0.1.9

    I am running on administrator and I'll try
  6. liamh053

    Help - Cannot validate game version

    robertforyou, how did you sort out the valiadation problem, i have the same problem and I cannot fix it
  7. liamh053

    Cant open the installer

    if you're using windows 8, you can click "more info" and the click "run anyway" hope this works
  8. liamh053

    Installing update 0.1.9

    Hey, I cannot validate my game version, i used the same method I did for the previous update. I've tried to re install the update but that still says cannot validate game version, anyone know how i can fix this?? kind regards