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  1. Yes it is, only searching through external contracts, maybe they only spawn in a certain amount of countries and not all of them?
  2. Yeah but I'm been to prague & bratislava and found nothing, is there only certain places they spawn?
  3. Hi Truckers, Could anyone help me as I can't seem to find any of the trailers in the game? Many thanks
  4. Razor0892, i have that problem now aswell i get the multiplayer desktop icon but single player loads up??
  5. I am running on administrator and I'll try
  6. robertforyou, how did you sort out the valiadation problem, i have the same problem and I cannot fix it
  7. if you're using windows 8, you can click "more info" and the click "run anyway" hope this works
  8. Hey, I cannot validate my game version, i used the same method I did for the previous update. I've tried to re install the update but that still says cannot validate game version, anyone know how i can fix this?? kind regards
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