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  1. It looks like the danger zone extends to the sides whenever lagging player has any kind of double trailer set...

    1. MarkON


      Look this: [3:02-3:04] double bug


  2. If you hate speed limit of 110 km/h, you can play on Arcade server instead of Simulation one.

    1.  Dallas


      What interest to play without collision?

  3. Well, Arcade 1 and Arcade 2 are quite nice, as you can drive rather fast on these, along with disabled cooldown on the /fix command in case of totaling your truck while still being on the road. If only the mentioned command didn't require having the trailer attached on these servers, though...

    1.  Dallas


      With collision disabled, there is no interest in playing.. 

    2. MarkON



      If only the mentioned command didn't require having the trailer attached on these servers, though...

      Słuszna uwaga.

      Zawsze możesz napisać sugestię w tym zakresie. Jeśli uznają to za stosowne i developer znajdzie czas na wprowadzenie tego byłoby to na +.



    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      now if only there was one of those servers with collisions added it would be perfect :D

  4. Well, physics glitches are getting really crazy sometimes... 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      so SCS fixed the speed boost bug but now instead we got flying trucks :lol:

    2. Titanic4


      There was someone, who took a picture of the screen showing the speed, which happens to be approx. 1.022 times the speed of light as their computer locked up. 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      there will be plenty of good clips for people doing funny moment videos :lol:

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  5. First time testing new version of TruckersMP and something really strange happened in Duisburg's LKW... 


  6. Happy birthday :)

  7. Thanks everyone for birthday wishes I've received today.

  8. Cóż, gratuluję awansu.

  9. ... and the TMP5 Freeroam server is gone. Anyway, one time I had an mid-air collision with @[RLC] Dark_Owl_. Here's video showing that from my POV:


  10. The 1.35 beta is quite impressive - I can now customize Schwarzmuller trailer as I buy it in-game, all though they could improve the quality of the paintjob from 1.34 though... When compared it seems that the new one has much better quality than the old one, which already exists since the DLC got released...

  11. Well, since the next destination is within the DLC, which I don't own, I will have to wait until 31 March to be able to deliver the event trailer from Bratislava... 

    1. ASIR [CZE]

      ASIR [CZE]

      You are right.

    2. Mr. Sever Clear

      Mr. Sever Clear

      Hi! don't worry! i will make you happy forever! :) have a GIVEWAY for you. i hope you will take my free gift of ETS 2: Italia DLC. 

      i will send you private the code. 


      Enjoy your game,

      Mr. Fodor 

  12. Has anyone got the name of the player, who was driving brown Mercedes Actros? I couldn't get the name due to height of the Scout car. I'd like to see someone's footage of the incident from their POV.


    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      That's why you need to have enabled flying mode, that's pretty useful in the moments like that ^^

  13. I was trying to load chemical sorbent in Duisburg's LKW, however one of the parked trailers has decided to fight back... 


    1. Bode Preto

      Bode Preto

      kkkkkkkkkkk Trailer Balboa 

  14. Who else had Nvidia Shadowplay fail to properly save the footage from the buffer? I've had one reckless driver yesterday and the output file doesn't show the accident at all. I've set Shadowplay to have 5 minutes of buffer in Instant Replay mode. The output file was almost twice as long.

    2. Titanic4


      I had to downgrade to version of GeForce Experience to get Shadowplay to behave normally. I hope that NVidia fixes the issue any time soon.

    3. Titanic4


      Here's sample of what happened to the video output on the output file:


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  15. The convoy went very well apart from small mistake near Lublin, where some players turned left instead of turning right after taking the exit.

  16. Since recent update, I've noticed that the icons, which are supposed to show the approximate location of players on the GPS are very small, while still being capable of enlarging themselves to normal size. Can someone explain what's the meaning of player GPS indicator sizes?

    1. TimeTimes


      This is a bug.

      The developers are aware of this and a fix should be out soon ;) 

    2. -VOYVODA-


      miss you mate :/


    From the website update topic's first post:



    • Hiding player bans from public & API.


    I guess this will only give more issues than advantages, especially when you don't know when you can safely remove evidence... 

  18. Congratulations on your promotion. 

  19. Congratulations on your promotion

    1. K0rnholio


      Thanks Titanic :)

  20. Happy birthday :)

  21. Since we have caravan load available for Scout cars, I have a tiny question: what would happen if these caravans could be daisychained together to form the caravan road train? Of course I'm not talking about such train in form of the actual railroad train, like one, which was driven by James May in one of the Top Gear episodes... 


    1. twitch.tv/mr_d4nny


      That would be funny to do

    2. El1teZombiezHD


      Something to try for SP :P 

  22. I was going to report one NCZ hacker on the site, however the API doesn't seem to find the perpetrator due to GDPR regulations. I think the player has removed the account while he was online, which could explain his immunity to the web reporting system.

    1. Anriandor


      Sadly, many people are misusing the system for its intended purpose. We (=the developers) hope to fix the exploitation soon.

  23. Happy birthday :)

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Thanking You very much!

  24. Happy birthday. I hope you'll have a nice day.

    1. Penguin


      Thank you! Waddle On!

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