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  1. Out of curiosity I wanted to compare how the vehicle behaves in case if you slam on the brake while turning in either direction. Here's 1.35: 

    Here's 1.39: 

    Someone was mentioning on Discord server that such unexpected grip increase issue was occurring in 1.35 as well. 

    1. Granite


      If I recall right, default, which is also max stability, was halved at some point, now it's 0,5 was 1,0 before, not sure how exactly this works (guess it shifts center of gravity somewhat), but in general, trucks are less stable at maximum setting now, than in older versions. Was it after 1.35, or before? 

      Whats your "g_truck_stability" parameter in both versions?

      Also, stiffness of the suspension plays a role.

      IMO, 1.39 is far more realistic, turning like that would cause you to g on 2 wheels and flip, not slide like sports car, many small cars and SUVs would do that too, I think. 

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