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  1. W TruckersMP nie można wykonywać zleceń z DLC Special Transport. Tylko akcesoria z tego DLC są dostępne.
  2. Tanie kierownice z wibracyjnym sprzężeniem zwrotnym mają taką nietypową funkcję, która pozwala na przypisanie łopatek pod oś Y. W niektórych przypadkach dzieje się to automatycznie, gdy pedały nie są podłączone, w innych należy użyć odpowiedniej kombinacji przycisków celem zmiany trybu działania. Dobrze jest się zapoznać z instrukcją obsługi posiadanego modelu celem odszukania kombinacji przycisków pozwalających na zamianę działania między pedałami i łopatkami.
  3. The logo cargo you were trying to deliver is reserved for Patrons with Master Trucker tier. The game has rightfully kicked you, since you've tried to take the logo cargo as normal user. If you're not Patron with Master Trucker tier, you'll have to avoid the logo cargo altogether. If you happen to get that specific cargo as first delivery after making new in-game profile, you'll have to finish the delivery while being offline, since the first delivery after making brand new profile cannot be cancelled.
  4. Some keys are reserved in TruckersMP. X key is used as PTT button for CB. Comma and Period keys are used for changing channel for CB. Y is for toggling the chat. F11 is for toggling the UI and nametags. If you have any of the game functions assigned to any of the reserved keys, they won't work as you expect when playing in TruckersMP.
  5. Happy birthday 🎂 

  6. Happy Birthday Bro🎂 

  7. The used game controller, nor software used with it has anything to do with the kick message you're getting. TruckersMP Logo(both lit and unlit) cargo is reserved for Patrons with Master Trucker tier. If you're not Patron, or you're Patron with lower tier than Master Trucker, you'll get kicked as soon as you start delivery with the previously mentioned cargo. If the cargo was picked by the game, as the first cargo to deliver, given directly after making new profile, you'll have to finish it while being offline - these deliveries are confined to single city. Cancelling these jobs isn't possible in such case. If the cargo was manually selected from either Job Market, Cargo Market, or from Dispatcher, you'll have to cancel the job.
  8. Are you holding the clutch pedal when changing gears? In ETS2, the gear change takes place when clutch pedal is nearly pressed down. You can adjust clutch range in Controls settings of the game. It's best to adjust that slider in such a way that the test bar above the axis mode list goes to 100% when the physical pedal is close to end of its physical range.
  9. Do you remember how the cargo you're trying to deliver is named in-game? The TruckersMP Logo cargo in both illuminated and non-illuminated variants are exclusive to Patrons with Master Trucker tier. Trying to start delivery with these will get you kicked out of the server, unless you're Patron with Master Trucker tier.
  10. It seems that the game may still crash with that error when driving into congested areas(happened quite recently when trying to deliver something to Calais)... Game log: https://pastebin.com/dLcTtvwb
  11. If you have the game on hard drive, you'll get loading issues in congested areas. The game requests large amount of data to load and hard drive won't simply handle it all in reasonable amount of time. As everyone loads up, the game locks up. Lack of updates from the client within time limit triggers the kick. When you get kicked, the loading process is ended prematurely. This results in instant framerate increase as there won't be anything new to load. Consider moving the game to SSD if you're able to.
  12. @mikichii Version 1.5 is much older than 1.50 - both versions are very different from one another.
  13. Do you have any game logs from when the game crashed when you tried to use Schwarzmuller trailer? Game.log.txt can be found in <Homedir>\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ directory. <Homedir> is your home directory, usually your Documents folder, homedir can be changed with -homedir launch parameter.
  14. I took this screenshot quite recently in 1.49, as seen in game's own developer console.
  15. If you're doing this event in 1.49(I wonder how's that even possible), your best bet is to use Geneva's SellPlan company as source/destination. If you had visited a lot of cities in the whole map outside of Switzerland beforehand, you should be able to hop around each city to look for any job to Geneva's SellPlan. Also, you might get some jobs from SellPlan in Geneva to any country, which wasn't delivered to for the event yet. You can use Steam Overlay's notepad feature to keep track the countries, to which you have delivered to/from, excluding Switzerland. With enough patience it should be possible to finish the event. Since the UI element doesn't show up, you'll have to keep the browser open on your World of Trucks page. That page will have to be refreshed after completing delivery to see if that counted. If you're doing it in 1.50, you'll be able to use any company from any Swiss city as source/destination. Be sure to visit it first to be able to quick travel to it. If none can be found in Switzerland, you could also hop around each visited city outside of Switzerland to look for external jobs. Again, you can use Steam Overlay's notepad feature to keep track the countries, to which you have delivered to/from, excluding Switzerland. In such case, you will get UI element showing your personal progress, which updates after each delivery.
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