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Community Answers

  1. Well, the "Server closed the connection" message should be updated, since it tells you to restart the game while you simply have to use the launchpad to reconnect.
  2. Well, it seems that someone made a mistake when porting Scout car for 1.42

    This also happens on Alternating Vehicles if they happen to use the same interior as one.

  3. ProMods is a free mod, you're most likely referring to the paid single file method of downloading the mod. While driving in ProMods I haven't experienced any incidents from the reckless drivers, all though these are quite rare.
  4. Set the beta to "None" and you should be able to play once the download process finishes. You can find the information on how to set the correct version here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/26
  5. Since the game itself has the bind for voice chat, which is normally used in Convoy mode, I wonder if it could be possible to use that bind somewhat in order to allow the user to change the PTT key for the CB in TruckersMP... 🤔

  6. In the past, Oxnard was one of the hotspots in ATS. Traffic in that location died out after less players were actually connecting to ATSMP servers. During Big Sur event, the landslide area, along with California State Route 1 became the hotspot during the event. Due to traffic within the landslide area, one of the side roads had to be widened while adding traffic lights in order to regulate traffic in the area. In order to get to the company located in the landslide area, you had to wait a long time. Once you got there, the return route was much faster.
  7. You can read rules under this link: https://truckersmp.com/rules The specific rule about ban extensions can be highlighted with this link(if your browser supports it)
  8. You can use OBS to record game footage. If you have at least 800 series NVidia GeForce GTX desktop CPU, or at least NVidia GeForce GTX 850M in your laptop, you should be able to use Shadowplay to record the game footage. GeForce Experience will tell you if you can use Shadowplay in your system. Windows 10 also has Game Bar, which is accessible by pressing Windows+G. Game Bar can also capture the gameplay with Game DVR. One of the interesting options in this built-in recorder is the ability to record only the game audio in output file's audio stream, which is handy if you happen to use external media player playing the music on the same audio device as your default one, all though if you're using in-game music player, you won't be able to isolate music from the Game DVR, since the audio stream coming out of the game combines game audio and in-game music player output. While both ETS 2 and ATS provide option to change the output device, since FMOD was introduced into both games, changing the device there will affect both in-game audio and the in-game media player, so you might end up with either game audio with music, or with complete silence in the output file.
  9. Having the unexpected engine malfunction with simple automatic transmission can be quite annoying, unless such event occurs right after you overtake someone...

  10. I wonder what's the change of the traffic light sequence when compared to previous version of TruckersMP...
  11. What is the craziest driver you have seen ets2mp and atsmp in 2021

    1. S.K.Y_150 Dark blue

      S.K.Y_150 Dark blue

      I think I may have been banned four times in just two months

  12. Since the convoy mode was added, nearly all the DLC files are downloaded to get accessories, trailers, cargoes and paintjobs properly synced up. The only exception to the rule are the map DLC's, such as Going East. Because of this change, you'll need to make sure that your truck doesn't have any accessories, trailers and paintjobs from unowned DLC's. In case of the trailer(if you have one), it mustn't be one from any unowned DLC. For example: If you don't own Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack and you try to spawn in with any trailer from the DLC, you may get kicked out with the error message you've mentioned already. If you have purchased any DLC's at some point, you may need to link them to your TruckersMP account, all though in case of map DLC's, they may get linked automatically as you load the game.
  13. ^ That won't technically work, since World of Trucks is using external servers.
  14. Well, this feature seems to be quite useful. Also, what about making jobs for owned trailer?
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