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  1. ^ That won't technically work, since World of Trucks is using external servers.
  2. Well, this feature seems to be quite useful. Also, what about making jobs for owned trailer?
  3. I think that's related to job sync feature, since cargo on all three trucks seen in the picture is the same.
  4. If you're using free download method of downloading ProMods, you'll need to download all parts, otherwise extraction process will fail. Have you downloaded all the parts of the archive?
  5. Congratulations on your promotion 🎉

  6. I've tried to get single axle dolly attached to Big Idaho Potato trailer in order to make road train, however the game decided to put the dolly right in the center of the trailer. 


  7. While driving my DAF XF back in November 2020, after I saw that someone has crashed in front, I have slammed on the brakes in hope to not crash into player in front. Player behind me had either slow reaction, or weak brakes. After the collision my truck made triple backflip while landing perfectly at the end.
  8. Since 1.41 everyone should be able to see the paintjob regardless of the DLC ownership. SCS Software had to add trailer, cargo, paintjob and accessory DLC files into base game in order to get them synchronized on Convoy mode. Since TruckersMP supports mentioned version, the same rule applies in this case. You have probably noticed that none of the trucks in the traffic had holes in place of accessory from unowned DLC.
  9. At least the traffic lights will work properly. They seem to lost their disco spirit now...
  10. I've noticed that there are traffic lights in Calais intersection now - previous versions of TruckersMP didn't had traffic lights in this location whatsoever.
  11. ^ Permanent ban is only temporary if there's inappropriate interior plates, license plate, or tag. In such case the user is required to make changes in related part while being asked to make ban appeal right afterwards with the proof of change. While Convoy mode has certain features unavailable in TruckersMP, there are few issues, such as being unable to use Convoy mode with modifications enabled, as well as player count limitation. If you have large VTC and you want to make convoy, which has more than 8 players, you wouldn't be able to do that with official multiplayer. Even if SCS Software could raise the limit at some point, you may get additional limitations as well, mostly related to hardware and/or internet connection. Since official multiplayer is using P2P, you may end up with huge amounts of traffic on the internet connection at some point, which could introduce lags, which are mostly caused by bottleneck on host's side.
  12. That's good news. I have a tiny question: How exactly Global Report System would work?
  13. Well, it seems that this player got what he deserved... 

    1. [HST] CCTV Cam 2

      [HST] CCTV Cam 2

      Hahaha Good Night Truck xD

    2. .Pedro.
  14. ^ The player in question was expecting the Scania driver to keep the speed, or even slow down. The collision occurred, because the Scania driver, who was recording the incident was accelerating despite being overtaken, which is violation of Article 11, paragraph 10, which states:
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