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  1. I think you didnt understand the question. I want the most FPS and dont playing with stable 60fps with vsync
  2. Should you turn on High Priority for ETS?
  3. @RedNub This post is about achieving the most FPS and not playing with Vsync and 60 FPS. @If Its Itchy,Just Scratch How does it benefit performance, what should I set it to to get the best result? @InsanoDeath Will I get better FPS with this setting than Low and scaling to 100%?
  4. GTX 1650 ryzen 5 2600 16gb Which settings are the best for FPS?
  5. Hello, I noticed that if you set some settings to high you get more FPS or it doesn't have much of an impact?
  6. I know that, but I wanted to know if there was a keybind that I could just press a key and it would be in again. @InsanoDeath
  7. Regarding the topic above, I wanted a keybind or a way to make it easier to add the command at intervals?
  8. Which do you prefer and which of the two has more users TrucksBook or Trucky?
  9. Hello! I want to set a climate it in the game, but every time when I write "g_set_climate albedo [i]", this climate works very shortly and then it's default again. How to disable automatic climate profile changes?
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