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  1. I learn something new everyday. Turns out that VanossGaming is a Music producer as well! Thats pretty awesome not gonna lie

  2. What mixed weather UK is having. One second it's sunny the next second it's pouring down with rain. Make your mind up weather! :( 

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    2. Abyssal45611


      Come to Canada,  you will hate weather more :D

    3. JeKnYan


      That’s weather in Melbourne 

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  3. Remove trailer for car!

    Hello, Please edit your suggestion and fill in this format Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?: Failure to follow this format within a week will result in a automatic rejection of the suggestion so please change it as soon as possible!
  4. On server Europe 4 limit dosen't exist.

    Moved to general discussion Not a suggestion
  5. Spotify in ETS 2 und ETS 2 MP

    Hello, Please suggest this to SCS as this is more related to SCS then TruckersMP as we do not develop the game in general. /rejected
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day :) 

  7. Can i get a ban because of my modified truck?

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  8. Will a ban affect my profile?

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  9. Reporting Player!

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  10. Rank!

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  11. Absolute tune 


    1. Abyssal45611


      Miss that guy a lot :wacko:

    2. TSRVTC  Smalley

      TSRVTC Smalley

      I miss him as well :( One of the best DJ's in the world and he's gone just like that. Life is too short make the most of it 

    3. Abyssal45611


      I agree 100%, He will be forever missed :wub:

  12. Is it posible for russian servers ?

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  13. So I finally have a second cousin! My second cousin was born today at quarter past 1 :P I am so excited to meet him :D

  14. Different Speed Limiters For Cars/Trucks

    Hello, A similar suggestion has been made in the past so please try and use the search function in future in case you have any other ideas which may have already been suggested. Using the search function I managed to find this. /Rejected
  15. Voice navigation.

    Hello, This suggestion is better suited for SCS, please head on over to their forums and suggest it on there /rejected