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  1. Soon gonna be collecting my new car :P

  2. Happy Birthday big man :) 

  3. Seems like drivers have gotten a lot worst since I last played TruckersMP 

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    2. Jаmie


      Same ahahahaha

    3. Leo35


      Like you jamie!! Stop DRINKIN'

    4. Guest



  4. Happy B-day big man! 

  5. It's alright making a simulation and arcade server but it's not gonna make any difference to the people who want to troll on simulation
  6.  Absolute banger 

  7. Made it into SCS video finally. Am I famous again? :thinking:



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    2. Smalley


      I exposed myself before :wink: 

    3. ScaniaFan89


      @Smalley *spits out coffee* _105342523_gettyimages-501964446.jpg

    4. Guest


      ^ XD :lol:

  8. Oi wow see you there then. Next time I won't be less harsh
  9. Nah mate didn't go to truckfest.
  10. Next time you give me a good ol slap. I'll give you a good ol whack :troll: oof 

    1. Louie G

      Louie G

      Sure m8888 



  11. Truckfest 2019 was pretty good tbh. I enjoyed it meeting @DJ Jefferz @Digital @Wheezy @El1teZombiezHD @Louie G @Forerunner as well as Mini Dave!   Looking around the trucks as well spending some time at the SCS trailer. It was a brilliant day! Bring on 2020 



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    2. Smalley


      Because I was planning on going to BBQ so thought I would follow you lmao 

    3. Guest


      I have several questions about those pants... 

    4. Smalley
  12. Unpopular opinion.


    Out of all Forza Horizon games Forza Horizon 2 had the best soundtrack. Bass arena was just <3 

  13. Today marks a day such talent died :( 

    1. Guest


      Avicii RIP

  14. Such a good mix 

  15. Such a good tune! You know when it's nearly summer when Calvin Harris himself releases another banger. Better yet, it's a throwback!


  16. I never spent so long in a traffic jam... 

    1. LordBenji


      I saw you earlier, and don't tell me that 20-25 minutes is long xD The longest I've waited was over an hour.

    2. Smalley


      I was stuck in it for near enough for 2 hours 

  17. Truckfest 2019 is just round the corner :P 

  18. All I have to say 


  19. Well it was about time. 

  20. Oh would you look at that. Things have finally been cleaned

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