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  1. Hello Rossoo770s. , Increasing the Tags in the game from 19 words to 24 words is a good idea, but considering features such as covering the players' screen and changing color of the Tags in densely populated cities, it seems very likely that there will be a problem. For this reason, it is very unlikely that there will be such an update.
  2. Hello Erwnxotr, Among the reasons why players do not play in Simulation 2 are items such as the speed being 150 km/h. These speeds are a bit high for TruckersMP, a truck game. Performing such speeds in the game may increase traffic accident rates. For this reason, the majority of players log in to the game by choosing the Simulation 1 server. Another factor is the number of players on the server, Simulation 1 is able to attract members by setting a speed limit closer to realism, and in this way, Simulation 1 has a larger player base than Simulation 2 and is better able to attract the attention of players. Regards,
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