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  1. If I were to be driving with my friend, I'd see no reason to speed as we'd be chatting on discord. I was referring to situations in which you are driving alone. This way we avoid people trying to race too.
  2. I've always thought the speed limit is fine in certain areas.. What I'd actually like is for the speedlimit to be removed when driving in lonely areas of the game (No people around on tab player list). For example you're driving from Rotterdam to Poznan: There's lots of sections of the road in which you drive completely alone for a really long time, I'd appreciate if I could go faster at those times (for example a speedlimit of 130-140km/h) and once a couple of players load in close to me (I catch up to someone or someone is coming opposite to me), the game automatically enforces the 110km/h speedlimit again. This way, places with traffic will have a speedlimit enforced and less possibilites of accidents, and when driving alone it's not that lonely or boring. It would make finding other players around the game easier.
  3. Ex compañero de empresa, genio!!!. Un abrazo Barto

  4. Just 1 employee.. I noticed that the game lags harder when it autosaves and you have too many employees. With one employee I get enough money to fix my truck if someone rams into me and doesn't make it too unrealistic as I don't want to be floating in money.
  5. Thanks to TruckerMP I made new friends from all around the world
  6. No sancionan a jugadores por exceso de velocidad. Básicamente, puedes ir a la velocidad que quieras, siempre y cuando no choques con otras personas (Ramming), ni hagas maniobras peligrosas (Reckless Driving).
  7. I used a xenon lights mod I had made myself. Had changed the angle, mask and intensity of the lights to something a bit more realistic and had changed the reflection distance of signs to something better. It was a local mod and other users could see me with normal headlights, sadly it gets me kicked from the game now. Even though, it affected nobody and it did comply with the save editing and local mods rules.. Now I only use a sticker mod for my windshield and some interior accessories from SiSL's Mega pack. IMO, this new automatic save editing detection rule thing should be revisited and allow headlight modifications and interior sounds mods as they are something you can see/hear from your own game only. Others see normal headlights, and hear exterior sounds. My truck:
  8. I don't know if I'm using that exact mod, but I'm using a hologram gps mod in my truck and it still works.
  9. Of course I agree with banning overpowered engines and mods that crash other people's games.. But why banning custom colored headlight output? I made myself some nice xenon lights to use while driving ingame and now I'm getting kicked for invalid trailer accessories. It didn't affect the gameplay of anyone and there were no duplicate accessories involved, it literally affected nobody and other users ingame could see me with normal lights. This new restriction has to be revisited and it's not only because of the lights mod, ScaniaFan89 has got a point with interior sounds and the sound plugin that's been around forever too..
  10. Para hacer eso hay que hacer un mod local, solo lo vas a ver tú, no hay que duplicar nada y puedes ponerlas del color que más quieras. Azul: Celeste tipo xenón: Amarillo: Para hacerlo hay que aprender save editing y como hacer mods locales, con estas dos guias se aprende facil :p Save editing: Mods Locales:
  11. Happy Birthday!

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy Birthday :)  Hope you had a great day :)

    2. [L-LATAM](10) El Barto

      [L-LATAM](10) El Barto

      Kind of late, but thank you all for the birthday wishes :D :D 

  12. Happy Birthday lad, hope you have a great one!

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