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  1. If this suggestion is accepted, maybe it can be optional so that moderators can modify the time according to the severity of the players' actions?
  2. I think if I need to create a event for orienteering, the Point Flags may be needed, too?
  3. Suggestion Name: Some Painted Trailers with Direction Indication That Can Be Used in Event or Convoy on TruckersMP? Suggestion Description: Some Painted Trailers with direction indication may be useful in event on TruckerMP. They can direct players to the route in the event, going straight or turning left or right. Any example images: Why it should be added: As we all know, we can only use some painting job provided by SCS or TruckersMP in the server. But the trailer with the painting which can indicate direction may be useful in the event or convoy, when they are used by cc. I know that making these trailers may require a lot of time and effort, and I would like to inquire if TMP is interested in providing paint for these trailers.
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