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  1. Feeling very moody today. When you see me trucking, don't bother me. Jks,... but I've noticed that I've started brake checking trolls and driving more aggressively even though on my part, that's wrong as well. I guess I'm just adapting to the ETS2MP lifestyle when driving.

    1. Aestrial


      I always keep a pillow on my desk when driving. When I get trolled, a few punches of the pillow sorts me right out :P

    2. Penguin


      Hope you feel better soon :)


      If people are annoying you, the best thing to do is just Record, Report and Relax :)

      I know it sounds obvious, but don't brake check them as it could lead to you getting banned yourself. It also looks better on you if you can remain calm without aggravation :)


      Happy trucking ^_^

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