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  1. Anyone know why my TruckersMP won't properly update? I keep trying to update but it keeps stopping in the middle and it just doesn't finish updating. I've restarted my laptop...I've shut it down...Nothing. I also uninstalled TruckersMP and downloaded it again but still nothing. Sometimes I even get the Connection Retry error as well. :{

  2. We need a large even just to get people back on the ATS servers! I just want to drive on those fun American roads with a lot of trucks around me! Good times...

    1. mattfleaydaly


      The 9-11 convoy that @.::Cheetah::. organized was a good example of the success from this...

  3. Isn't insane that it can actually take you 42 minutes in real life time to get from Calais to Duisburg? Just brutal and the jams are so pointless. People overtaking and not understanding the highway exit right of way is leading to so much chaos! 


    I feel the signs should've been switched up so that the highway exit ramps would have to yield to the road but no....Just utter chaos!

    1. _ThEAssasiN_


      you should havent go to there :)

    2. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      It would take about 10-15 minutes if you take a different route consisting of mostly highways...


      You are not restricted to what your GPS wants you to do.

  4. I was just minding my own business in traffic and BOOM. It was like a tornado took us all out! 


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    2. Anriandor


      Haha lol you're a really great video editor :D I like this!

      And you even play wot ^^ I've stopped it as arti became op as fck O_o

      btw - subscribed to your editing skillz - keep up the work !

    3. FozzyGuy
  5. I dislike the new update system because every time I update, it takes a really long time. Sometimes it reaches a specific MB download and then just stops moving and i have to close the application and start over and it takes forever :(

    1. xXBlazieXx


      That's odd. It takes me less then 20 seconds. :/ 

    2. Canucks


      Sometimes it takes me a few seconds but now it isn't even working. I uninstalled TruckersMp and still loads and freezes loading in the middle :$

  6. 3500 players at capacity will be so fun xD

    1. Mirko9
    2. _ThEAssasiN_


      its not will be so fun. it will be more hard.

  7. What tends to be the busiest city in ATS on the US servers? I know the game isn't that populated anymore and the ATS map never works so I can't really see where all the trucks are hangin'. I just want that Oxnard traffic back :P

    1. Chris.D


      Arizona is your best bet for finding other truckers, I usually deliver to Flagstaff and Phoenix, and it's sometimes busy when I'm there.

  8. Feeling very moody today. When you see me trucking, don't bother me. Jks,... but I've noticed that I've started brake checking trolls and driving more aggressively even though on my part, that's wrong as well. I guess I'm just adapting to the ETS2MP lifestyle when driving.

    1. Aestrial


      I always keep a pillow on my desk when driving. When I get trolled, a few punches of the pillow sorts me right out :P

    2. Penguin


      Hope you feel better soon :)


      If people are annoying you, the best thing to do is just Record, Report and Relax :)

      I know it sounds obvious, but don't brake check them as it could lead to you getting banned yourself. It also looks better on you if you can remain calm without aggravation :)


      Happy trucking ^_^

  9. Anyone else miss the busy ATS servers? I wanna play ATSMP but the servers are never busy. An event or a major convoy might turn people back onto it...<_<

    1. videogamer


      The main reason people don't play on the ATS servers is because of the map size.

    2. Jacrispyxd


      are they ever going to increase the map? because one day i want to drive down my one neighborhood!!


    3. videogamer


      Eventually but who knows how long it's gonna take.

  10. Updates taking FOREVER to install. I wanna play :(

  11. Why why why do I have so many tests this week? Why?!


    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Hey @Canucks how are you? :D


      B) Haha   Good Luck Mate with your Tests

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  12. Autumn mod coming out this year? Yay or nay?

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    2. RaneMoro


      Nay xD Why? December is coming, november is ending ;p

    3. FirestarteR93
    4. Mirko9


      If wil be snow,we need tires for winter! :D

  13. Saturday on ETS2= lots of stinky drivers -.-

    1. rblom


      Do you wanna roadtrip?


  14. Anyone have an idea when we will be seeing the fall/autumn mod implemented into MP again? Or will it not come in this year?

  15. What's up with all the traffic daily on the Duisburg-Calais route. Is that a new thing? No more EP traffic? :P

    1. [VIVA] Savage Frog

      [VIVA] Savage Frog

      Seems like it haha 

    2. MP4PLW


      There should be checkpoints set.:P

  16. Happy Canada Day! Best country in the world! :D


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    2. RadioactivePotato


      pfft Finland FTW

    3. PursuitGamer6


      North-Ireland is the best country! :P

    4. MP4PLW


      Any country is good in its own way,but best one where he was born.

  17. People still struggle when it comes to the right of way. These two intersections are chaos when busy and a lot of times its because people don't know who's turn it is. 




    And yes, the Mighty Griffin DLC works. Just don't apply the paint or you'll get kicked out of game :D

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      :P yea i see that a lot , also thanks on the update about   Mighty Griffin DLC   , i was wondering why i was being kicked out :P 

  18. My face when the server goes down... 



    1. FirestarteR93


      wait wait wait wait wait wait .....You go and put on makeup when a server restarts /goes down?!

    2. Mike Dragon
    3. Guest


      WOW LOL , this made me laugh so bad! xD

  19. I wasn't so lucky this time...twice! And what was the second truck doing on the wrong side argggh! <_<



  20. I always have at least one extreme close call. I was lucky this time but I really thought he would stop :P



  21. The Flag DLC was the main reason for the extremely low FPS in crowded cities like Rotterdam. I really love the DLC but I have had to disable it so that I can get proper FPS. Is this problem with the Flag DLC going to stay like this or will it be fixed? 

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    2. FirestarteR93


      Plans are to get it removed, but afaik it will be hard becaue of they are movable parts and disabling that physics is tricky

    3. FirestarteR93


      ^I mean to get the FPS problem removed, not the DLC

    4. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      hopefully will be fixed in a way or another

  22. Abnormal extremely low 2-3 FPS in Rotterdam with 60ish people. The last time I played, around 3 weeks ago, I had 10-15 FPS. 1-3 FPS is incredibly low. Any reason why??

    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      The new flags DLC causes lots of lag.

    2. sgpch1983


      its not only in ets2 but also in ats in tucson.. i think thats the new rotterdam of america.. till we get new york city i guess. :)

  23. Anyone have a link to the ATSMP map that's similar to the ets2map.com ?

    1. BlizzLee


      I don't think the web developers have made the map for ATS.

    2. BlizzLee


      ... A web developer Krashnz tweeted this image quite some time ago, so not sure when it will happen


  24. It all happened so quickly. Lesson learned: Don't speed on roads like this...especially when you have like 10FPS :P http://plays.tv/video/573515e1319697d449/hh?from=user

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    2. bluesbass


      That's not your fault. Perpetrator is a car with pilot skin. 

    3. Canucks


      It definitely isn't my fault :) But, the accident would probably have not happened if i was doing 60 instead of 120+ :P I had no time to react.

    4. Lonewolf2272


      Reminds me when I went under a lorry while smoking a fag

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