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  1. The issue is not the reports because there's trolls everywhere but the admins banning for 1 week a simple accident. I find that those week bans is normalized here but it's absolutely unacceptable and a dictatorship behavior. Get rid of those Admins ruining fun for everyone and the ones who wrote these rules. 1 day ban is fine for accident and even that is exaggerated but 1 week piss off
  2. Nah they only allow grimes, why? I don’t know
  3. There’s Promods for dlc. The only solution is to put AI drivers because everyone is on CD road and it’s boring to driver when there is no one
  4. Bad. Without AI traffic everyone is on that road. Going to any other city is boring and you rarely meet other truckers which ruins experience. Unless there is Ai Traffic or servers go up to 10k drivers, there’s no point playing if you’re not on the cd road as everyone is there
  5. 9 more days till name change

  6. 10 more days till I can change my name

  7. What impersonation man. It would still be ADMINS
  8. Mods would still have their tool that kicks or bans so if one doesn’t want to pull over he gets banned instead You can have moderators dealing with reports and others patrolling on duty. It won’t be hard to recruit new police officers anyways as like I said it’s a fun task I know but that’s because they want to. It needs to be its own role where you have officers that their only duty is patrolling. I’m not saying get rid of what mods are doing right now and revamp the system, absolutely not. Mods keep their duty and you have a new faction that only patrols while having same tools as moderators to ban and kick.
  9. Suggestion Name: Real police officers Suggestion Description: It would be more realistic and nice if mods drove their police cars in real time to patrol and when they see an infringement they pull the truck/Skoda over like in real life and if it’s serious they issue the ticket which is ban or kick, if there was a lot of mods on roads they’ll enjoy their work and we’ll have less trolls on the road Why should it be added?: It will make the job more fun for moderators, it will be a more realistic experience and nice for drivers and also at the same time decrease mischiefs in the road and have a smoother driving experience for everyone
  10. Jai foirer et j’ai mit un nom qui marche pas dans le jeu, j’ai contacté tout le monde et maintenant on vient de changer pour un nom qui veut rien dire et je suis coincé avec un jour de plus jusqu’àu 23 novembre, je peut pas continuer avec ce nom qui me fait la honte. Esc qu’on peut le changer pour mon premier nom? J’ai contacté le staff par support, envoyer des messages à tout le monde
  11. Do you use reshade or nvidia game filter? What’s your ping in game?
  12. My username disappeared man 😭😭😭 why can’t it be out back to what it was originally 

  13. I just see ??????? In game

    1. Guest


      This is a user who has yet to choose a name

    2. тoυιjєя


      No it’s because I used fonts that isn’t getting picked up by the game, I saw for others it worked but not me, I’m stupid I should of just went with all caps

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