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  1. 🎂Happybirthday🎂

  2. I know the reason Please everyone wait for the TruckersMP team to fix it or use servers in other regions (US SGP Arcade) Server Promod It should still work on your computer. Hope everyone has fun driving trucks.
  3. Me and some other drivers seem to have the same problem.

    The Promod server works fine for me though

    1. Aily


      EU1 doesn't work since yesterday evening.

  4. I've tried going in and out several times. But the message is still there.
  5. I have a problem with logging in to the server sim1


    1. Roman34_rus


      I have the same problem too, haven't you solved it yet?

    2. Pramee


      I'm looking for a solution right now.

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