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  1. Yes, but i can try again.
  2. Hello There When i am ingame and watching the map, the player icons is red with a text "Could Not Find Icon" or something. How come? Any Fixes? Please help, thanks Regards Danne
  3. Oh no, uhm never mind this, it was something that the game or server could not load so i loaded in the, like 5 mins earlier gameload and it all worked out again. Thanks for the answers by the way, i guess it was just a minor load-in problem that caused crash.
  4. When i try to connect with Eu 2 it says: Fatal Error, Do you want to report to the developers. How come i can connect to the others without any problems?
  5. It says you are banned from the network, can't you see? I still cannot login.... any help please? Still says i'm banned from the network... Support guy, my steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198176212207 Please use edit option. Merged. // Bandero
  6. Nope, just have this account Lol, When i tried now i could! EDIT: nvm.... what is happening? Merged // Bandero
  7. Hello there! I'm trying to login but says i am banned from the network when i'm loging in, when i check ets2mp, manage, ban appeal it says: my account is not banned. How does this come? Any fixes to this? Thanks, Regards Danne
  8. does the money i earn in SP save into MP? Thanks for all your answers!
  9. Excuse me but since i tried all 3 solutions you guys gave and surprisingly they didn't actually work. I got in total 2 employees and 1 of them is currently just resting and always have, my question is how do i fix that bugged employee? i tried to rehire her/him 5 times already. Thank you in mind. Regards Danne
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