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  7. I like this suggestion, but I don't know why it hasn't been responded to yet. /friends
  8. There is nothing wrong with cargo weighing 61 tons or more, it's just jams caused by players not using the correct transmission, they should be understood, or if jams last a long time you can use your report powers
  9. The car can be improved, but it cannot be deleted.
  10. Suggestion Name: Allow Players to Experience New Vehicles in Single Player Mode Suggestion Description: I propose making exclusive vehicle mods available to players in single player mode to enhance the gaming experience. Currently, certain exclusive vehicle mods are restricted to staff members for online use only. However, enabling players to access these mods in single player mode would greatly benefit the community. By granting players access to these exclusive vehicle mods in single player mode, they can explore and enjoy a wider variety of vehicles, thereby increasing the appeal and longevity of the game. This not only adds diversity to the gameplay experience but also allows players to fully appreciate the detailed craftsmanship and design of these unique vehicles. I understand concerns about potential misuse of these mods, such as inappropriate use or causing disruptions. However, similar to precautions taken for in-game sirens, measures can be implemented to regulate and monitor the use of these exclusive vehicle mods. For example, players who misuse these mods could face penalties such as being kicked from the game. In conclusion, I firmly believe that by opening up access to exclusive vehicle mods for players in single player mode, TruckersMP can significantly enrich the gaming experience and foster a more engaging and dynamic community. I urge you to consider this proposal and explore the possibility of implementing this feature in the game. Any example images: Sorry, I don't own those vehicles so I can't provide any photos Why Should It Be Added?: The addition of exclusive vehicle mods in single player mode would greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience for players. By providing access to a wider range of vehicles, players can explore and appreciate the intricate designs and craftsmanship of these unique vehicles. Furthermore, this addition can foster greater community engagement and creativity, as players can collaborate and share their experiences and modifications with each other. This collaborative environment encourages innovation and enhances the overall appeal and longevity of the game. Concerns regarding potential misuse of these mods can be addressed by implementing appropriate regulations and monitoring systems, similar to those in place for sirens in-game. Overall, the inclusion of exclusive vehicle mods in single player mode has immense potential to elevate the TruckersMP experience and further solidify its position as a leading multiplayer trucking simulation platform.
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