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  1. So how much would this guide differentiate if I were to use an already existing sound mod. I'm guessing the basic principles stated still apply, however I'm guessing something would be different ???
  2. I'm looking to run the scania v8 open pipe on truckersmp. I am aware 99% of Mods are not allowed on mp and I'm aware plugins are but I'm not a fan of the sound option available, however I'm wondering if there is a way to manually import the sound mod into my game files inorder for this to only be a local edit. Is there a way I could make the game launch an additional parameters to use the modded truck sounds instead what would be the easiest way of going about this. The truck files and decrypted mod files are different so I don't think a drop and drag option is viable any help would be greatly appreciated has anyone else attempted something along these lines or know if in likely to just get instantly kicked
  3. ok thank you for the help u have any idea when the next patch is going to be
  4. hey there ive been euro truck simulator multiplier 2 for a while now but before the new update the collisions and speed limiter used to be turned on but now on this new update you can go up to any speed and the collision is turned off is this temp or a bug or is it staying this way
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