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  1. Impossible to play on real ops server - ping up to 600 ms, everyone lags or gets kicked immediately. I always had good ping on sim1 and sim2, clearly the problem is not on my side. Not the best event expierence
  2. There is a really basic solution to half the problem. I don't understand why we can't just make a server dedicated to people who play fairely and ppl with many bans can't join it. For example, players with a certain amount of previous bans cannot join server 1 to play, but are free to play on server 2. This would remove issue of discussing permabans, trolls can play with trolls. Also, that is true, that there is not enough moderation in-game. Someone blocks C-D road and causes massive traffic jam, which would never happened if mods were more responsive to such things. I ain't a saint either, I have been previously banned and I think from my perspective this would work so much better, than trying to reinvent the wheel again.
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