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  1. Why do you want to be just like me? o_O

  2. /fix is good....however I will admit, now people know they can repair their trucks for free instantly, I have seen more people care less about which lane they should be in...ooops sorry didn't see your truck there, I was too busy doing 200 in a 50 I played a 1 hour session 2 days ago, and of all 300 players I came across...I got hit about 10 times, someone blocked 5 lanes....3 trucks were on their side and about 70 were doing 200 in a 50. I quit after that
  3. Happy birthday.

    1. xOceanSpirit


      Wow, thanks bro, I wasn't expecting anyone on here to know it was my birthday :D

  4. Just screamed at my neighbour for his kids banging on the wall, I asked him nicely to tell them to stop but they didnt, so I put up with it, but tonight they were banging constantly and it annoyed me to high hell, so I shot out the door, thumped on his door and screamed "Stop the f***ing banging or I'm calling the police". He finally answered, said he's deeply sorry and he'll tell them to stop.


    You cannot be soft in life, I was bullied throughout school because I was not sticking up for myself, now I take no s***. You pack it in or I will make sure you do.

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    2. [ST-LH] Calbert

      [ST-LH] Calbert

      He'd be quite within his rights to inform the police to deal with nuisance neighbours.

    3. DerAmpelmann


      @stilldre1976 Since you live in UK here is some information you can educate yourself with https://goo.gl/IjuQOh

    4. xOceanSpirit


      • is breaching the peace (being disorderly in the street or making a lot of noise)

      Thank You

  5. ^ -You should Have about 50 useful posts I only know English, I'm taking it I can't apply?
  6. Had the same issue. ^ Solved it, thanks
  7. I had this problem. On my logitech profiler in the device settings > Advanced settings. I use 799 degrees rotation and tick the box above saying "Combined Axis". Plus I wouldn't trust anything on windows 10.
  8. I love that prankster vs scam video. Im reading the website he had up now, we get loads of scam calls and im always wondering of ways to piss them off
  9. I was trying to say something negative about the freeroam server and speed limited, but everytime I wrote it and re-read it, it sounded wrong. Glad to know ETS2MP is getting better by the day
  10. Really good video i found showing detailed how to add custom radio stations. If by you mean, you've added it, but it isnt playing. Check you have the correct code, and also what the guy above me said, it needs to be able to open in media player before the game can open it
  11. I much prefered no speed limit. If you want speed limit, there is always the option in the settings to enable it for you. But why force people who want to drive faster on an empty server? Its not that we want to race, its that 55mph is boring! I can travel at 100 and still control my truck, overtake perfectly and stop at lights. Plus With speed limit on, the server rarely went over 2K player. With NSL, it was nearing 3K!
  12. For an admin wannabe, you really know how to spell Why didnt you just edit the post above? And "because family games does not count as your games." Do* "If you need some help with the multiplayer again?" No question mark " post in the help selection" Section*
  13. My name just features an "A" to show im admin of a different steam server, but not ETS2MP. -REV [A] Warden
  14. And yet..You let a kid stop you enjoying a game. Winners never quit Quitters never win
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