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  1. Well it's that time of month again, Steam has released the results of their recent hardware results and they are more interesting than ever. https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/ For those that cannot open the link or do not want to Here are some highlights CPU Market: Intel: 83% (Up 0.35% AMD: 16% (Down by 0.36%) Coincidence? Graphics market: Nvidia: 75% (GTX 1060 at a dominating 14%) AMD: 14% (RX 580 disappointing 0.47%, AMD R7 series being the most popular at just over 1%) Intel: 10% (Mobile users, Intel HD Graphics 520 taking 0.80% of the total market) OS Version: (I like this part) Windows: 96% (Obviously) (Down by 0.17%) Windows 10 64-bit: 60% (Down by 0.45%) Ohh? What happened? Windows 7 64 bit: 30% (Up 0.84%) MacOS: 1.5% (Up 0.30%) System RAM: 8GB Taking the market at 39% (Up by 0.46%) 16GB Coming in close at 31% (Up by 31%) What the? 4GB 3rd place at 10% (Down by 0.45%) 3GB is in 4th place at 4.12% (Down by 0.30%) Others: Primary Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 (HD) 62.06% (Up 1.40%) 2560 x 1440: (QHD) 3.59% (Down 0.03%) 3840 x 2160: (UHD) 1.3% (No change) Microphone: Yes: 99% No: 0.03% Language: English: 37% Chinese: 26% Russian: 10% VR Headset: Oculus Rift: 0.34% HTC Vive: 0.31%
  2. Why do you want to be just like me? o_O

  3. 8, because of the effort required to report, I usually report the one player then leave and not come back for months when I rinse and repeat
  4. /fix is good....however I will admit, now people know they can repair their trucks for free instantly, I have seen more people care less about which lane they should be in...ooops sorry didn't see your truck there, I was too busy doing 200 in a 50 I played a 1 hour session 2 days ago, and of all 300 players I came across...I got hit about 10 times, someone blocked 5 lanes....3 trucks were on their side and about 70 were doing 200 in a 50. I quit after that
  5. 8/10 Would be a good song if I could understand it! But it sounds really good. Also, music video was.....could have been better. v This is currently my favourite song!
  6. Happy birthday.

    1. xOceanSpirit


      Wow, thanks bro, I wasn't expecting anyone on here to know it was my birthday :D

  7. xOceanSpirit


    Heavy Cargo Pack Vive La France please Thanks!
  8. When I made my name, I was fascinated about the ocean, so I made my name "Ocean", but it was too simple, so I thought well...I walk quiet, I breathe quiet and I can easily sneak up on people, my mother said I'm like a ghost, so I tried OceanGhost, but that didn't sound right, so I tried OceanSpirit, sounds better. But it needs something to compliment it, so I just added an x at the start. This was in...2009 and I've stuck with it ever since. If you see xOceanSpirit somewhere else <---------------
  9. ^ Oh, when I was inside the school itself...the adrenaline was rushing through me, I didn't want to stop exploring, but I ran out of areas to explore! The rest of the school was internally boarded up and only the council have the key. I might ask them for permission to get in, but I seriously doubt it will happen.
  10. ^ Same @[ST-B] T.Rucker It was barely maintained when it was open, I think when the council knew it would be closing soon, they abandoned any due repairs. Half of the school was boarded up internally due to "structural damage", even the caretaker isn't allowed in that side of the school. There is an update, see the white cabins at the back? They are now gone! The council came with a huge crane and a few trucks and took it away I will check it out later, the school may be getting prepped for demolition! But I don't think so, I think they just wanted to make some $$$ off reselling those cabins. I can see the building standing for many more years.
  11. So there is a school beside where I live which has been sitting for 6 years unused. 5% of it is still used by the community centre, the other 95% sits lonely. I attended this school in year 7 but left in year 8 as I didn't like it and we were moving house. I never knew it was boarded up until I moved back to near the school. I was amazed on how much it had changed. Below are 2 links, one is from Google maps in 2009, the other is a video. My brother, sister and brother-in-law all attended this school, so to bring back memories, I took some photos of both inside and outside the school and uploaded it to Youtube. The outside is easy to access, the gate is always open, and the inside, access was granted by the Caretaker. I do not condone trespassing, I had the right to be where I was at that time. Whilst I admit some of you may not be interested in this sort of thing, I for one certainly am. Google 2009 https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@54.972446,-1.4263185,3a,60y,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sj52PWzRNPU2vHW-jKP3mEw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en How it looks today (The first photo is the same one as the link to Google maps shows). Might I remind you no editing, except placing the photos in the correct order, took place. ALSO, the council are currently in the process of removing the grey cabins seen throughout the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77iMhqSfZWk
  12. If I was to become a DJ, I'd play only classical music You hear only the same songs today, its nice to go back in time every once in a while.
  13. If its that high....your CPU has no cooling at all. I have to keep the pump on 100% at all times, ensure your pump is not plugged into the "CPU Fan" header on the motherboard and it stays on 100% using the BIOS. Also ensure there are no twists in the tubes and that all the screws are tight and the backplate is in the correct position. I went into the BIOS and disabled the motherboards ability to control the speed of the pump, its stuck on 100% at all times. The fans are plugged into a Fan controller which I keep on 30%, CPU never goes over 40
  14. Just screamed at my neighbour for his kids banging on the wall, I asked him nicely to tell them to stop but they didnt, so I put up with it, but tonight they were banging constantly and it annoyed me to high hell, so I shot out the door, thumped on his door and screamed "Stop the f***ing banging or I'm calling the police". He finally answered, said he's deeply sorry and he'll tell them to stop.


    You cannot be soft in life, I was bullied throughout school because I was not sticking up for myself, now I take no s***. You pack it in or I will make sure you do.

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    2. [ST-LH] Calbert

      [ST-LH] Calbert

      He'd be quite within his rights to inform the police to deal with nuisance neighbours.

    3. DerAmpelmann


      @stilldre1976 Since you live in UK here is some information you can educate yourself with https://goo.gl/IjuQOh

    4. xOceanSpirit


      • is breaching the peace (being disorderly in the street or making a lot of noise)

      Thank You

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