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  1. We are growing join the discord at https://discord.truckstopfm.co.uk
  2. @Ashlyn You can listen online at https://truckstopfm.co.uk or ingame for FS19 and we are waiting to be added to ETS 2 and ATS happy trucking. We are now looking for Partners feel free to contact me for more info.
  3. When a radio goes so well.
  4. We got amazing stuff happening in our discord come join at https://discord.truckstopfm.co.uk
  5. Feel Free to join the discord
  6. TruckStopRadio We are a Radio Station based around the Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator game. We play all the best tunes into your truck cab! Playing the best hits 24/7 We have great things coming for the launch of TruckStopRadio with a couple of giveaways to do and our growing team and our discord with 50+ Members, we are always providing the best music as we can without our listeners we would not be here and thank you all for the support we will be growing day by day until we reach 200+ Members in discord. Launch Date: October 20 2019 at 7 PM GMT Main Radio Information Website: https://truckstopfm.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/vzRWjTp Twitter: https://twitter.com/TruckStop_Radio Facebook: Coming Soon Kind Regards,
  7. @buracat Your welcome. @cFerguson I agree with you if we can just provide a great listener experience and do cool things I am happy.
  8. We have now fully gone dedicated with 1 GB Network speed and with 320 kbps audio that is just great to have go check it out at https://tnradio.co.uk
  9. We got big plans happening with TNR keep an eye out on our twitter at https://twitter.com/TNRUK
  10. Want to join our discord head over to https://discord.tnradio.co.uk and have fun.
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