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  1. But why does that have to be the answer?? Why should it be down to players who just want to enjoy the game to have to disconnect to get past a troll? To be honest if everybody did that, it would cause more carnage as everybody would be coming out of ghost mode at roughly the same time.. My suggestion is based on the fact that there was is no actual punishment for people that will block for like 20 minutes. It moderators can’t monitor the game 24/7 then you need systems in place to prevent/reduce things like this happening. TMP has gone too soft with “Trolls”, the community as a whole is just so negative and honestly I have got no plans on returning to TMP in the future unless there is dramatic change.
  2. That is why in my suggestion it literally says “when a moderator kicks you” not when you automatically get kicked for having no lights on.
  3. Firstly when you automatically get disconnected from the server, you do not need to go back to the launchpad you can simply type game into the console and reconnect within 30 seconds Secondly, my suggestion has got nothing to do with automatically being kicked for high ping. My suggestion is to have a system where moderators that kick players can select so many minutes before they are able to reconnect.. the theory behind this is that when they are less moderators about drivers who think it’s funny to block CD Road will have to wait longer to rejoin. too many times I’ve been on CD Road late at night and although it may be quieter, it is a perfect time for trolls and people who can block for 20 minutes because there’s no moderators online. moderator then comes along and kicks the player then disappears again but that player will literally spawn straight back in 30 to 60 seconds later and do the exact same thing for potentially another 20 minutes. my suggestion is for this purpose. Also, let’s not forget if you are being kicked by a moderator that technically means you are doing something which is violating the rules, so a cooldown period to rejoin Should be there to stop people trying to “chance it” If players even get kicked for save editing, does it really matter if they have to wait 5 or 10 minutes before reconnecting? Surely that would give them time to load up single player and sort their save editing out rather than just connect straight back to the server and continue like nothing happened.
  4. Personally, I don’t see a reason to mark it as read I just clear them anyway. (And if it’s reports you can check reports section what has been accepted/declined)
  5. Bump as this suggestion took almost a month to be accepted, it ended up on page 2 and likely be missed.
  6. The Rules page is pretty long and some parts can be difficult to understand. For example, what some people make class as inappropriate overtaken, others don’t. If this was to be implemented, the official rules would have to be I feel made slightly easier to understand and shorter. Also instead of having to read all the rules then do 1 quiz, have the rules split into sections, you then answer the questions based on that section before you can move to the next section. but realistically, is this actually going to improve anything just because people put the correct answer? Does not actually mean they will still not abuse the rules
  7. Dunno why people are getting so mad about it being a TRUCK game… How many of you have actually driven the car? Literally If you don’t want to drive buses nobody is making you but i know if there was a better type of bus in game i’d probs drive it for a change and break from trucks. If you just ignore the fact its a truck game, and look at the decent graphics, map etc, ofc i see why some people want to drive more vehicles around!
  8. Suggestion Name: Cooldown after a server Kick Suggestion Description: I suggest implementing a feature that when moderators kick a player from the server for inappropriate overtaken, blocking etc, that they Don’t just kick that player, but make them wait 10 minutes before they can rejoin server. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: How many times have we seen a player get kicked for driving recklessly, inappropriate overtaking & blocking. Just for the person to be able to spawn straight back in (If they wasn’t also teleported to the nearest F7 they just load a save). My Suggestion means that everybody that gets kicked (by admin) would have to wait up to 10 minutes before they are able to rejoin the server (admin set cooldown time based on why they get kicked). we have seen it way too much especially for blocking the players will simply just load straight back up and continue traffic jams (and in a lot of instances the original traffic jam hasn’t even had time to clear before players spawn straight back in) Implementing this I feel could be an important step to try and cut down on the repeat offenders able to rejoin the server within seconds.
  9. Not sure I agree with this. If you are a verified VTC that typically means you are generally quite popular in the first place. New VTC’s that are starting out need the advertisement more than verified VTCs do.
  10. The problem with TMP Is people want to use it for different BUT TMP are mainly about “Numbers”. They don’t offer a Simulation server, just servers with unrealistic speed! For example when in real life would a truck/trailer travel at 150km/h? TMP attitude is”if you want simulation go play SP or convoy” but honestly thats not the attitude or approach they should be showing. simulation is always gonna be biggest most popular, but you can’t implement a simulation based environment. They could easily revamp Simulation 2. If people wish to drive faster there is still other servers to do so! TMP need to consider different driving styles snd adjust servers accordingly to offer “something for everyone”
  11. Suggestion Name: Add a careless driving rule Suggestion Description: My suggestion is to add an official rule called Careless Driving. This Rule is less serious as Reckless Driving and i feel it would better suit some people who get banned. Punishments for careless driving would be a little less severe as reckless driving Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Currently, there there is only reckless driving in the rules, which if you do anything wrong is what you are slapped with, but in reality there is a big difference between reckless driving and careless driving. Somebody that is driving recklessly tends to have the intent to cause damage to others or put others in danger, whereas somebody that drives carelessly is more about not being considerate about other drivers. implementing this will, I feel will make it a much fairer punishment, and it will make it more easier to understand what is classed as weightless or just careless instead of just being slapped with reckless even if that was not your intent.
  12. I also want the simulation server to actually be a simulation! The problem is truckers MP are all about numbers and they just want as many people to drive together even if those people have got different driving styles. you’ve got the fact that punishments are too lenient to the point they are not even punishments anymore. What is a 14 day ban gonna do if people work and only go online couple days a week for couple of hours? It’s amazes me how many people want an actual simulation server with no nonsense but the people that can make it happen just do not want to listen.
  13. But I disagree because you are then forcing people to drive in rain when the majority of people probably won’t want to.
  14. Is the Map area Collision Zone? (Obviously apart from the standard companies etc) I’m also thinking I might use the car for this as I’ve never really driven it so it would be a nice change!
  15. Personally, can’t see them making any adjustments until SCS software have completed the rebuild of the CD area. You’ve also got to remember the majority of people that drive that road actually enjoy sitting in a little bit of traffic so making too many changes to improve traffic for a lot of people takes away the enjoyment of that road where you don’t have to stop for anybody
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