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  1. If Calais can be renovated like Duisburg, it will greatly improve the pressure on transportation
  2. Big Week

    Close C-D road

    This will not close the CD road unless it is deleted
  3. If you add AI vehicles, it will make players even more reckless because you can't distinguish whether it's a player or an AI vehicle. If AI vehicles are in front of you or around you while waiting for a red light, and there are no players, you will feel impatient and rush over. In short, I will support you, but I won't fully support you either
  4. Yes, this is like me. I really don't like rainy days in the game, which makes my truck tire slip and lose control, hitting other players
  5. If possible, you can send an email to SCS and suggest such a name
  6. This is the funniest suggestion I've ever seen, if we can make them explode without a trace
  7. Thanks for the follow:HaulieLove:

  8. Have you noticed it? Or are you not playing at all? Promods did indeed shut down due to it, as our delay was as high as 600ms, which caused everyone to lag and had to close Promods for several hours. We reopened Promods at 11:25 UTC 20:00
  9. If he can change the pressure of traffic, that would be a good idea
  10. Happy Birthday

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