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  1. alright i see. 2nd or we can skip that feedback system and someone look at it right of way when i make the appeal there u go i found you corner cutter all this does is benefit hardest working TMP staffers to keep the community ''safe'' cus the more work he does is someone else to look at later rather then him banning 50 players 1 day means another 50 of the same people he has to deal with later cause no one else looked make sense to you now? cause from my understanding you make it sound like you made appeal talked to person that banned u and then requesting a 2nd opinion im not quite sure if thats why this thread was made in first place i pretty sure the idea was to cut the part where the one that banned me will look at my appeal just like how many you choose to ban is that number x2 instead of being choosing eaither to watch the appeals from others or choosing to watch the in game stuff
  2. first of i wanna start of by saying that makes sense to some exstent then why introduce to system that staff needs to apply video every time they ban a player? regardless what you say here it makes no sense ive been banned aint no secret by in game and out and in game context is i was fed a video couple hours after the ban to get understanding why i was banned i didnt need the person that banned me to exsplain it to be as for ur words for the backlog yea sure there will be 1 less person look at this 1 ticket im sure that will create MASSIVE backlog surely the worst backlog we have seen thats sarcasm to btw just to make sure u understand you team large and you are telling me that - 1 person for that 1 specific ticket if we calculate across many other tickets u beleive that backlog be bigger? that makes no sense to me if you want u can elaborate on that 1 person less looking at the same ticket appeal will make a new massive backlog for feedback? it doesnt hurt the system if i appeal and having someone differnt to look at the video that the person who banned me. and yea i would call you very biased as none of what you said here absolutely make sense
  3. There is clearly favortism going around for people in TMP team im not gona argue with anyone about it cus it exist and you are 100% correct in statement alone that if the same person that bans u reads the report has chance of bias i can nor confirm or deny only make sense to have another person insight on such cases and for the matter feedback tickets you are limited to 2 feedback tickets when you are limted to 10 reports how does that represent fair accurate for me to get my stuff solved out cause of the teams inability to preform at grater task. (This, and i know theres some out there who are like that. some people like to get too friendly with mods for these reasons.) yea 100% is thats why favortism got introduced cus when you got stump sucking going around for u why wouldnt u feel obligated to act less agressive if that person ever came across ur desk compared someone that u dont care about or know
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